PM Modi Invokes Nehru, Accuses Congress Of Partisan Politics in Lok Sabha Speech

‘Congress reduced to a joke’ says PM Modi in ongoing Budget Session of the Parliament

Accusing the Congress of using the pandemic for partisan politics, PM Narendra Modi said the ‘Grand Old Party’ had made up its mind of ‘not coming to power for the next 100 years.’

While replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha in the ongoing Budget Session of the Parliament, PM Modi blamed the Opposition for spreading COVID by instigating migrant worker exodus during the first wave.

Key PM Modi Speech Takeaways

In the time of COVID, Modi stated that the Congress crossed all limits. When experts advised people to stay put in one place, he added, the Congress encouraged migrant laborer’s to move back home. During the first wave, free train tickets were given to migrant workers to leave Mumbai. At the same time, Delhi government told migrant workers to leave the city and provided them buses. As a result, COVID spread rapidly in Punjab, UP and Uttarakhand. 

Coronavirus is a global pandemic was misused for political gains by some, exclaimed PM Modi. Some thought COVID will harm Modi’s image, the PM thundered. ‘I guess to pull by others down, you use Gandhi’s name.’ If I talk about ‘vocal for local’ then you ignore it. Don’t you want India to become atmanirbhar? You don’t want to see Gandhi’s dreams come true.

Now that you (Congress) have made up your mind not to come to power for the next 100 years, then, ‘Maine bhi tyaari kar li hai‘ (I have also made up my mind), PM Modi quipped.

Even after so many losses, your arrogance remains and your ecosystem does not let it go. Question is not about election result, but the intent of those who have stayed in power for so long. Criticism is a jewel of democracy, but blind opposition in an insult to democracy.

Congress leaders were insensitive towards inflation. In five years of Congress government, there was double digit inflation in country. The government accepted the inflation was out of control. In 2011, then finance minister had said shamelessly ‘don’t expect Aladdin’s chirag (lamp) to take down inflation.’

Today, I will keep taking Nehruji’s name, enjoy. Pandit Nehru, from Red Fort, had said — ‘sometimes, a war in Korea also impacts us. Because of this, the prices rise, and go out of control. If something happens in America, this also impacts price rise.’ India’s first PM gave up. Imagine the seriousness of inflation at that time. If Congress was in power today, they would have shaken off the responsibility and blamed the inflation on corona. But we are working with full strength.

They dare to say in the Parliament that ‘Make In India’ can’t happen. Today, India’s youth and entrepreneurs have done it, you (opposition) have become a joke. Make In India’s success is giving you pain, I can understand. ‘Make in India’ means commissions will end, corruption will end, filling coffers will end – that’s why it gives them pain.

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