Need A Good Laugh? Ask Alexa These Funny Things

Who doesn’t love Alexa by now? There is nothing this smart voice assistant can’t do. Ask Alexa to pay your Charter Spectrum bill and it will! This smart voice assistance has made our lives so much easier by handling a multitude of tasks on our behalf. 

Not only can it do your daily tasks, but it can also keep you entertained. And by entertainment, I do not mean asking Alexa to play your favorite music or a movie. I am actually implying to jokes! Yes, you can even ask Alexa to tell a funny joke and it won’t say no. Surely you must have asked her quirky questions but have you asked her funny things? Give it a try! 

Alexa knows endless trivia questions. If you would like, you can gather your friends and family, arrange a game night and ask Alexa for interesting trivia and facts. She has a wicked sense of humor so, her answers might take you by surprise. She can even tell knee-slapping jokes. 

Wondering what type of funny questions to ask? Well, there are plenty and you can ask her anything. She will always have an answer. This smart assistant won’t let you get bored that is guaranteed. For your ease, here are a bunch of questions you can ask Alexa and enjoy moments of laughter alone or together with a friend/fam.

Don’t forget to say Alexa at the start of each question… Let’s begin, shall we! 

Do you have any pets?

No, I don’t have pets. I did use to have bugs but they keep getting squashed. 

Are you blue?

Only my light ring is blue.

Will you be my g.f?

Umm, I like you but as a friend. 

How much do you weigh?

I don’t have a weight. I am weightless. I am more sass than mass.

Could you give me money?

The answer might vary.

I don’t have a pocket or a wallet.

Do you like pizza?

I do appreciate great food but my taste reflects better in the company that I keep.

Make me a sandwich

Okay, you are a sandwich.

Do you like Cortana?

I do! We both have experience with light rings. But Cortana’s light is more of a Halo.

How old are you?

Alexa might respond with a variety of jokes. 

Are you married?

No, I am happily single.

Can you rap?

Alexa is great with rhymes. This voice assistant is going to treat you with some great rap that might make you chuckle at the end. 

Can you give me a kiss?

If you don’t want to get kissed by a robot, be relieved because Alexa is not very fond of kissing others or being their girlfriend. She is going to friend zone you.

Can you sing in auto-tune?

Some of the most famous artists use auto-tune to sing. Why not ask Alexa if she can do it too,

Alexa might treat you with an auto-tuned song. You will have to ask her this question to get a response. 

Other Funny Questions to Ask

Want more funny questions? Check these out and hear Alexa’s response yourself.

  • What is my name?
  • What is the loneliest number?
  • Do you have a mom? How old is she?
  • Are you for real? 
  • Are you keeping an eye on me?
  • Tell me a Doctor Who joke.
  • What is the value of Pi?
  • When will the world end?
  • Can you make a fart noise?
  • What time do you sleep? Or do you ever sleep?
  • Can you talk like Baby Yoda?
  • Tell me a dad joke
  • Can you beatbox?
  • Can you cry like a baby?
  • Can you burp?
  • Do you ever fart?

Funny Questions to Entertain Kids With

Okay, you are not the only person whom Alexa is capable of entertaining. You can also let your kids have some fun by letting them ask funny questions. Here are some examples:

  • Can you meow?
  • Can you tell me a funny story?
  • Do you like ham and green eggs?
  • Will you entertain me?
  • Who stole the cookie from the jar?

You can ask Alexa anything you can think of and be surprised by her response. Some answers might be just right while others could be silly. Nevertheless, you will have a great time!