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The Muslim vote and Appeasement politics

The Muslim vote and Appeasement politics

By Anuj Sabharwal

Looks like that appeasement politics are here to stay. The statement by Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Bukhari points towards the dangerous measures adopted by political parties to fulfill their political dreams.
Whether so called “Communal forces” are threat to the country or not but these immature statements are a threat to the democratic structure of India and its secularism. All the poll surveys have predicted defeat of UPA in these elections and it looks like a last effort by Congress led UPA to attract its share of Muslim votes. The statement was given by Imam only after his meeting with Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. Never been in history,
Congress were so desperate to win. As per Election Commission rule books, candidature of Sonia Gandhi can be cancelled as ‘to appeal any group of people to vote in their favor on religious sentiments is not allowed.’ But we all are aware that this will not happen.So, the question arises will this help Congress. It depends on how much support Imam enjoys in his community. The Muslim youth is well educated to see through these appeasement politics. Dr. Imran Chaudhary, a PHD student at Jamia Milila University, is a co-convenor of Muslim Rashtriya
Manch which is a wing of RSS. He says that with MRM, Rashtrya Sawyam Sewak Sangh has extended its olive branch to the Muslims and it is now our duty to reciprocate this. People asked him why RSS? He replied why not RSS? We have tried all parties then why not BJP? Gurjarat which is ruled by BJP has only 14% poor urban Muslims compared to non-BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh which has 50% poor urban Muslims. MRM has ten
thousand Muslim members and it is present in twenty two states. This is a stern reply to Imam by Muslim youths. However, it looks sad but no political party has worked enough to improve the conditions of rural Muslim youth and even urban Muslim youth. Why only Muslims, not much work has been done for rural dalits and tribes. Imam said,’Congress will work for Muslims.’ I am sure he has not seen Congress ruled Mewat region of Haryana-
Rajasthan border. The time has come for all of us to realize that issues of price rise, national and personal security affect all and do not discriminate on religion. The rising prices are same for all, whether Hindu or a Muslim.
So an appeal should be made on these issues rather than communal issues.

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