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Why MODIfication of India comes with a high hope?

Why MODIfication of India comes with a high hope?

By Anubha Gautam

He is charismatic, he is confident, he has a vision, he is the Prime minister of India, he is Narendra Modi. Even before the official swearing in of Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India he had unofficially won the war against Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal through his pompous rallies and vision of development. Whether it is the marketing team of Narendra Modi or his rhetoric or his agendas. all worked together to not only render him as the most suitable choice of 2014 elections but also gave India a reason to hope. After the reign of Congress for 10 years an anti incumbency had crept into the democratic set up of India but our new PM along with Arvind Kejriwal helped in changing the political discourse of India. Although  Mr. Modi’s suspected participation in provocation of Gujarat riots has been controversial for him but somehow he has managed to make people overlook it in front of his plans for  a progressive governance. Here are a few precise reasons as to why India is high on hope by the onset of this new Government.

Advanced This term suits him. This is one primary reason why the youth of India has been able to connect with him. While the people of his generation are struggling to come in terms with the fact that technology has taken over the traditional lifestyle and made it archaic, Mr Modi contrary to that has come across as very technologically friendly, he is up for selfies, can discuss about employment generation for hours, the bullet train project has been paced up. Although it was something that received a green flag under the governance of Congress yet Mr Modi envisages a vision of India with an adequate amount of bullet train as that is what he thinks gives Japan an edge over us.

Development- This has been his priority. The Prime minster talked about creation of 100 new cities in his rallies and sticks to it  as of yet. He talked about the five T’s to elevate the current status of India. The plan of New IITs and IIMS and different platform for talented kids. Lately, Smriti Irani who heads the HRD ministry has asked for inclusion of buttermilk in midday meals. The government  has also stuck on its promise of rollback of Four year undergraduate course and the talks have already been initiated. Besides this he has also harped on the social and economic empowerment of India. This is exactly what has captured youth’s attention in politics. The politics has leaped the fence of promises of water, electricity and roads and there is a governance of inclusion we are talking about.

Governance- Talent, tradition, trade, tourism and trade are the main pillars of BJP’s  policies and decisions as of yet. They are talking beyond reservation and nepotism. Mr. Modi has also shown us a glimpse of nepotism free politics by asking ministers not to choose their relatives or acquaintances in the cabinet. He also has taken a step to shun sycophancy and has asked ministers not to touch his feet as he considers it futile. These never seen before tactics and decisions have called for a lot of praise and trust.

Firm Stand- This can be considered as one of the key points separating BJP from AAP. It has taken firm stand on key issues and maintained it’s position. He met Nawaz Sharif, fulfilled the prerequisites of a good host and also informed him about his disappointment regarding the 26/11 attacks and POK issue, which was an unexpected blow for  the Pakistan Prime minister. He has also looked into the Article 370 matter with unexpected quickness but the dissent of Omar Abdullah still continues.

Neighborhood relations- As Modi listed in 11 point agenda for government that he would work hard to vitalize the relations with SAARC countries and maintain healthy ties with neighborhood relations, he has done so. The beginning of new relation with dragons has been initiated. He has accepted the invitation to the US. The approach and policies have been much quicker and intelligent than the lousy approach of Congress.

India is brimming with new hopes and expectations. There is a personality in the seat of PM which is being looked up to by many, especially the youth. After the mandate there is a lot of responsibility lying on those enthusiastic shoulders. The playground now has extended from Gujarat to India. Hope that the good days promised are there to be lived!

Anubha  is a 2nd year student of English Honors in Maitreyi College, DU. She is an enthusiastic writer, debater and feminist. Following the trends of market, economy society observing and analyzing them are one of her favorite occupations. She has been associated with writing and other ancillary fields since her childhood, obsessed with English and writing, she aims to become a successful writer in near future. In her free time she loves to play Sudoku and learn new things.

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