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Meme Trends: A search engine for memes

Meme Trends: A search engine for memes

By Mix

While just a few years ago memes were merely a blossoming counter-culture on the internet, they have gradually cemented their way into the cyber mainstream – so much so that last year the word ‘meme’ became more popular than the son of God, Jesus Christ himself.

To help you spot the dankest memes circulating the web, meme discovery platform has built a nifty tool that lets you search specific words and phrases to see how often they appear in meme culture. Called ‘ Trends’, it is essentially like Google Trends – but for memes.

A search engine for memes

The quirky search engine was built in collaboration with NASA researcher Evan Freitag, who helped develop a Trends-like algorithm for the app.

With Meme Trends, you can effortlessly track how popular certain memes have been over time. For example, discovered that netizens have been goofing on Russian President Vladimir Putin more than usual in the last few weeks – and not without a reason.

Trends of memes containing Putin

Memes containing Putin | Photo courtesy: Trends

What’s especially handy is that – much like Google Trends – the tool lets you search and compare multiple words and phrases at the same time.

As our own experiment shows, US President Donald Trump by far appears most prominently in recent meme culture when compared to fellow politicians Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin.

A graph showing the popularity of memes on political leaders.

A graph showing the popularity of memes | Photo courtesy: Meme Trends

Head to Meme Trends and step up your meme-ing game right now.

Mix is a tech writer based in Amsterdam. 

This article was originally published in The Next Web.

Featured image credits: Visual Hunt

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