Meet MuchBetter: The company revolutionising digital payments

Have you met MuchBetter? No? Well then, let me introduce you!

MuchBetter isa fintech company that specialises in innovative payment solutions. Launched in 2017, the company released itsfirst product, the MuchBetter Wallet,just over five years ago and now has more than 1.1 million customers across the world. 

MuchBetter was born witha visiontorevolutionise simple payments, without the need to skimp ontop-quality customer security and effortless user experience.MuchBetter offers a simple yet seamless customer journey, that allows users to send, spend and store money safely. 

What is great about the MuchBetter Wallet?

As an avid day-to-day user of the MuchBetter Wallet, it’s safe to say itis one of my favorite digital wallets on the market.Thisall-in-one payments app gives you full control of your finances, with the abilitytop up, withdraw, send, spend and store your money all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

The MuchBetter Wallet’s award-winning security measures are next level. From onboarding to in-app security, the company does not hold back on customersafetywhen it comes to personal data and finances. Some of these wallet features include:

  • A swift and simple onboarding journey with in-app ID checks
  • Personalised passcode protection
  • Biometric login with face and touch ID
  • Real time notifications to keep you on track of your wallet’s activity
  • Readily available account statements so you can check on your funds  
  • Freeze and unfreeze your account in-app upon suspicion of fraud

Topping up your digital wallet can be executed witha simple tap in-app and loaded using a variety ofpayment methods, includingcard top up, cryptocurrency andthrough a new, convenient method- Instant Bank Transfer.

Itspeer-to-peer, alsoknown as P2P, feature held within the app is amazing.Sending and requesting money to and from my friendsis now a straightforward process. Without the need to plug in lengthy details, there’s no fuss.The only thing needed to send and request funds is the recipient’s phone number. To top it off, no transfer fees are charged!

MuchBetter’s uncomplicated approach to payment solutionsmakes the digital wallet app easy to navigate and simple to use, removing the stress that typically surrounds your finances. 

The digital wallet helpsmekeep on top ofmy budget with ease. For example, I can pre-loadmywallet with a set budget for a week and keep track of my spends, allowing me to worry less about overspending and be more consciousabout finances.

Why I love the app

From the convenience and simplicity of the wallet to the thorough security measures, this user-friendly app is my go-to for everyday payments. I can’t stop recommending this app to my friends, shouting aboutthebenefits,and how they should alljump onboard to enjoy a simple and safe digital wallet.

How to start your MuchBetter journey

Simple, just download the app to your phone, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play to start your journey today. Curious to find out more? Head to the MuchBetter website at