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Love Jihad : A Reality in India

Love Jihad : A Reality in India

By Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Edited by Shambhavi Singh,Senior editor,The Indian Economist

‘Love Jihad’ is a buzz word in Indian polity today which polarizes people in two extremes. One group rejects it out rightly, claiming that the term is being propagated for vested interest. While the other group claims ‘Love Jihad’ to be a strategic conspiracy, supported by a foreign elements who want to damage the national interest of the country. The intent of this article is not to support any of these confronting parties, rather it is to do a sensible analysis, while putting the facts and matter in the right perspective. Let us first understand what Love Jihad is.

Love Jihad is an Indian name to Romeo Jihad that was being practiced in UK, other European countries and even the Americas. ‘The love jihad’s modus operandi involves a heartless strategy of luring vulnerable girls and young women to convert to Islam by feigned love and promises of marriage. But instead of marital bliss, the girls unwittingly get trapped in its deceitful web and usually wind up in the hands of Muslim fundamentalist organizations’.

It is mostly used against Sikhs & Hindu girls in western countries. The method was exposed when the book ‘Why we left Islam’ was published in 2008. It contained lot of testimonies that detailed the modus operandi of Romeo Jihad.

During 2009, it was alleged that Love Jihad was being carried out by vested interest groups in Kerala and coastal Karnataka, especially in Mangalore area. According to the Kerala Catholic Archbishop, by that time some 4500 Christian girls were converted to Islam. Whereas the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti claimed that some 30,000 Hindu girls had become victims of such Jihad. Later, it was alleged that since 2010, western UP had come under the Love Jihad aggression and there were thousands of conversions.

There were investigations indeed, but no substantial evidence was found if such conversions were carried out by deceiving the non-Muslim girls.  However, several alleged that the investigations were influenced by powerful people with vested interests. Also, then Kerala Chief Minister V.S.Achyutanandan publicly accused some Islamic organizations for funding Love Jihad. Kerala High Court made some observations on this matter, and recently the Allahabad High Court too asked for a report from the Uttar Pradesh Government.

Now, completely rejecting Love Jihad as bogus would be wrong. At the same time, blowing this issue out of proportion is undesirable. Some petty fanatical organizations do carry out such anti-national jihad activities, but neither are they endorsed by the majority of the Muslim community, nor is it a large scale conspiracy.

Muslims make a large chunk of the Indian population. They, despite having ideological differences with some Hindu groups continue to be proud citizens of India. They do not endorse Islamic terrorism, nor do they support separatism. They consider Islam as the religion of peace, and trust the democracy of their country

Recently, the Al Qaeda chief issued a video statement provoking Indian Muslims to be part a of Jihad and reclaim Islamic rule in India. The Indian Muslim community rejected this statement citing that no terrorist organization belongs to Islam.

Cooperation and understanding is required between both the communities. The Hindu groups must to trust the minority community leaders to take care of such un-Islamic as well as anti-national efforts. They should not perceive the entire Muslim community to be anti-national. At the same time, the minority community should strongly condemn any form of anti-nation actions.

The idea is very simple – United we stand, divided we fall. It is time that we as a society unite to ensure the security of our nation and ensure that we emerge victorious.

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