Live Water: Making people shell out a thousand rupees for a glass of water

By Aditya Gupta

The Silicon Valley is now home to a growing new trend among experts, Live Water. This is completely natural spring water transported from spring to shelf with zero pilferage and a limited shelf life. Its growing popularity is backed by the belief that natural spring water has numerous health benefits. This is no cheap trend, as a 2.5-gallon jug of Live Water starts at $36.99 and shoots up to even $60.99. This price includes that of the glass container and hence the resultant refill is $14.99, making it an expensive glass of water.

Low shelf life, high price

The irony behind this price is the fact that this water has the shelf of just under a month, whereas regular water is considered to last much longer. Live Water turns green when it is past its expiry date. Although a valid argument made by Live Water users is that regular water sold on the shelves is treated with ozone gas and Ultra Violet (UV) light, in order to prolong its shelf life and in turn increases the amount of chemical treatment. Live Water, on the other hand, has no form of chemical interference whatsoever.

This new fad is backed by a sound financial network of investors. The most noteworthy investor being Doug Evans, co-founder of the failed start-up Juicero. He is known to take a keen interest in health-related matters and states that Live Water is something he includes in his life, he and his friends brought 50 gallons of Live Water to the Burning Man. He has stated this is a very quickly growing trend as it is possible to go to the springs at any point in time and find a large number of people collecting the water.

The dichotomy of health benefits

Moving on to its popularity, the main reason that the trend of Live Water is spreading like wildfire is the fabled variety of health benefits. As stated by a leading scientist, “In its natural cycle water is infinitely chemically and energetically complex,” implying that water picks up various nutrients and chemicals through its passage through Earth, making it very healthy and beneficial on consumption. Although this may sound like a wonderful tale, the truth is that the water is not safe at all. Live Water can lead to numerous diseases, such as cholera and E. coli.

Ultimately, it can be found that the basis for the popularity of Live Water is a myth. Yet, there are exorbitant prices that people are willing to pay for this very product. This goes to show how start-ups can succeed and make huge profits if marketed properly. Necessary backing too is necessary but is not as important as the marketing. Live Water’s USP is that people perceive it to be a necessity in their lives but in reality it something completely different. The current generation is the training ground of such start-ups that tap into markets others may not have even thought of as potential areas of development. Mukhande Singh the founder of Live Water has found a very rare market for potential sales and has fully utilised his skills as an entrepreneur.

Featured Image Credits: Nouhailler on / CC BY-SA