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Listening to US Senators Speak Up about the US Presidential Elections

Listening to US Senators Speak Up about the US Presidential Elections

By Poorva

As a part of its MP Engagement Series, Youth Forum on Foreign Policy organised an interactive session with two US Senators, Senator Ellen Roberts, Colorado Legislature and Representative Paul Thissen, Minority Leader, Minnesota on the 5th of October, 2015 at the American Centre. The audience comprised of students and researchers from diverse academic backgrounds.

The talk touched upon topics pertaining to US Elections like financial reforms in the electoral process and voter turnouts. The senators gave an insight on the most discussed issues during the American polls, ranging from national security, healthcare, immigration, to higher education debt. The senators also shared their viewpoint on the representation of women in the elections, and Ms. Hillary Clinton was inevitably brought into the discussion. Representative Thissen, while answering a question about the voter turnout in the US, highlighted the need of making the voting procedure in the US hassle free by lengthening the time span of elections and making the registration procedure easier. The Senators also talked about the Electoral College system in the US, and how it’s here to stay for a long time.

As expected, Trump’s candidacy for Presidency was also discussed, with Representative Thissen, a Democrat, showing his disapproval for the same with his well-timed quips. Senator Roberts, a Republican, acknowledged that it is disappointing to see Mr. Trump as the
frontrunner for the polls from her party. Digressing from the agenda of the talk, the audience asked questions regarding the sistercity arrangements between India and the US, gun laws in the US. Talking about the gun laws in the US, Senator Ellen Roberts and explained why US can’t do away with the current gun laws, emphasising the fact that it’s very different from countries like Australia and India.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by Brij Pahwa, Convenor of YFFP- Delhi Chapter.Members of the audience described the session as a very enriching and a successful attemptat fostering discussion regarding the US polls amongst the audience, which comprised of the youth.

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