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LinkedIn’s Progression in India

LinkedIn’s Progression in India

By Priyanka Dey

Edited by Liz Maria Kuraikose, Associate Editor, The Indian Economist

LinkedIn’s Growth future is painted with political optimism and global alliance. A standalone job search application was launched recently to increase Job listing for the website. LinkedIn has also devoted on the website interface to make it more clear and standard. It has become another leading application. It can be constantly checked through notifications and an email synced to your mobile phone’s operating system. This application is free of cost downloadable in Google Play or BB world etc. The accessibility has increased participations attracting more recruiters. The profiles are also better descriptive than their counter parts. Facebook linkage to LinkedIn profiles has erased the barriers in the personal and professional world. The familiar people are now found endorsing skills and suggesting jobs. The merging also facilitates quicker personal checking option as most recruiters are particular about their employee’s habits and personalities. One third of LinkedIn’s value comes from Job Listing as per Trefis analysis. Due to the useful job recommendations from LinkedIn, based on personal preferences, has led to high growth rate in number of users.

It’s a competitive zone. So all advancements in technology and policy by LinkedIn is followed by rivals. IT being a volatile section, it is not tough to imitate any strategy, especially when LinkedIn is weak on its marketing and advertisement segment. Additional schemes of LinkedIn are failing in India is a raising concern for investors. Trefis estimated that the average price per job listing on LinkedIn declined from $170 in 2008 to $148 in 2013 due to a growing mix of jobs.

However, their business rival Monster.Com is not doing well and has lost a substantial share of its Job posting share recently. LinkedIn has also taken up job listing price discrimination which on the one hand provides cheaper and affordable lower prices to developing countries for Job listing and advertisements where as on the other hand,  higher prices for countries like USA, UK uplifts the profit. LinkedIn is also the most used arena by non-profit organisations, a segment less catered by other counter parts. At present, in the Indian political scenario, we are hopeful about job creations. It is also expected to create an international demand and a rapid employment situation. All the existing and new users will then have a better opportunity through LinkedIn .It also provides opportunities for internships and volunteering, thus forming an experienced work force.

It can definitely expect to face a growth in three quarters from now as per the real business cycle analysis. Hopefully reinvestment will increase shareholders earning from LinkedIn.  From within we understand that, LinkedIn has already lined up a new business strategy for a competitive edge in the market. An optimistic outlook will definitely help LinkedIn to make a stronger footing. Although it is essential to provide returns to shareholders to move ahead in growth path.

Priyanka is passionate for love , economics , dance, fashion and living life . She builds her life in hope of inspirations. For her bringing change is the cause of our existence and every step that one takes changes assumptions for the superstructure . It gives her pleasure in deconstructing anything and everything . Accordung to her we all know what we actually want and eventually achieve that and the rest that comes in the path is just knowledge creation.

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