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Investors are gaining from tech startups

Investors are gaining from tech startups

Most of the time, tech investors end up disappointed, but a few of them have reaped impressive financial rewards in recent years. Snap’s IPO was no exception, with Lightspeed Venture Partners putting $485,000 into the infant company. They then added a further $7.5 million investment and their stock is now worth about $2.1 billion (initial IPO price).

According to The Wall Street Journal, Kleiner Perkins Caufied and Byers’ 1996 investment in Juniper Networks really struck gold. They initially invested $2.75 million and that yielded $7.1 billion. 2,582 times their original outlay. Accel Partners put $14.8 million into “The facebook”, 12 years ago and that brought them a return some 378 times greater ($5.6 billion), when the social network went public.

This chart shows the estimated return on selected recent startup investments.

Infographic: The Startup Investments That Really Paid Off | Statista

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