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India’s Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

India’s Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

Managing your expenses has never been this easy. Armed with a smartphone and the right money–tracking apps, you can be a responsible spender and also achieve your financial goals. We list the best personal finance apps for you:

1. Wally

You can track your daily expenses, upper spend limits and saving goals with Wally. It stores records of purchase and tracks the receipts for future reference. It also sends you alerts when you achieve your saving goals for the month, or if your spends have gone above your desired levels.

2. EMI Calculator

This app is useful for those buying a loan. It guides you through the home loan process, calculates your likely EMI amount and tracks your eligibility across loan products.

3. DBS Digibank E-wallet

DBS India’s Digibank makes banking on the go seamless and simple with its 90 second e-wallet recharge app. This e-wallet helps you transfer money to your contacts, pay your bills, maintain an expenses diary and track your investments, apart from being an excellent recharge app.

4. Perfios

This app is a single stop solution for all your personal banking needs. It tracks your monies in all your bank accounts, credit and debit card usage and loan payments in real time and sends alerts the moment you receive or spend money. You can also set a monitor on the app to track your monthly expenses.

These apps keeps tab on expenses, and automatically adjusts the account balance everytime an expense is made.

Money-tracking apps can be really useful in managing our monthly expenses and finances. | Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

5. Paytm

It was originally a mobile recharge app that has now expanded into a comprehensive payments solution. You can pay bills, recharge your DTH, book hotel rooms, make insurance payments and even pay cab fare using this app.

6. Bill Reminder

This is a useful app for those who often forget the due dates to their bill payments. It sends periodic alerts about the bill payment dates so that you do not miss making your payment on time.

7. Splitwise

It is useful for those who eat out often, or who share the house rent with a friend. It helps you split the amount equally so that there is no confusion, and sends email reminders to people who have not paid your money back!

8. Homebudget

It tracks the budgets and spends of the entire family. It keeps tabs on the expenses, and bill payments, and automatically adjusts account balances every time an expense is made.

9. Nearbuy

It helps you find the best, most cost-effective deals when you want to dine out with friends, spend the day at the spa, catch an afternoon film show, attend a concert, book weekend holidays and even buy international flight tickets.

10. My Tax India

Calculating your tax can often be problematic. Instead, this app does all the number crunching for you on your smartphone. Once you receive your tax numbers, you can decide whether to make last minute investments to save tax or not.

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