India to Continue Surpassing China’s GDP Growth Rate for Next Few Years, Claims European Expert

India’s economic landscape is poised for significant growth, with experts projecting a continued outperformance of China in terms of GDP growth rate. Angelos Delivorias, a policy expert at European Parliamentary Research (EPRS), emphasizes India’s potential to sustain its economic momentum, attributing it to factors such as demographics and strategic investments.

India’s Growth Trajectory

Delivorias forecasts India’s GDP growth rate to soar to 7 percent by 2026, while China’s is expected to hover around 4.6 percent during the same period. This prediction underscores India’s ascension as a key player in the global economy.

The Expert’s Insights

In an interview with EPRS on ‘India’s rise and its implications for the EU,’ Delivorias emphasizes India’s demographic advantage, citing its youthful population as a catalyst for sustained economic expansion.

Demographic Advantage

Delivorias points out that India’s larger and younger workforce, in contrast to China’s aging population, positions it favorably for continued GDP growth. With more individuals contributing to the labor market and lower healthcare and pension expenses, India is primed for economic prosperity.

Comparing Growth Rates

India’s GDP growth averaged at over 7.5 percent in 2023, outstripping China’s 5.2 percent. This trend is projected to persist, with India maintaining a growth rate of 7 percent through 2026, while China’s growth is anticipated to taper to 4.6 percent.

Factors Driving India’s Growth

Infrastructure Investments

Delivorias lauds India’s substantial investments in national infrastructure projects, which play a pivotal role in sustaining economic growth. The country’s participation in international infrastructure endeavors, coupled with landmark achievements like its lunar mission, underscores its comprehensive economic strategy.

Diplomatic Importance

Over the past decade, India has bolstered its diplomatic stature, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region. Delivorias highlights India’s increasing prominence, driven by evolving geopolitical dynamics, positioning it as a key player in the global geopolitical landscape.


1. What fuels India’s economic growth?

India’s economic growth is fueled by factors such as its demographic dividend, strategic infrastructure investments, and expanding diplomatic influence.

2. How does India’s demographic advantage contribute to its economic growth?

India’s youthful population ensures a larger workforce and lower healthcare and pension expenses, driving sustained GDP growth.

3. What distinguishes India’s growth trajectory from that of China?

India’s GDP growth consistently outpaces China’s, reflecting its resilience and potential as a burgeoning economic powerhouse.

4. What role do infrastructure investments play in India’s economic strategy?

India’s investments in national and international infrastructure projects bolster its economic growth and global competitiveness.

5. How has India’s diplomatic importance evolved in recent years?

India has emerged as a key player in the Indo-Pacific region, enhancing its diplomatic clout and geopolitical significance.

6. What are the implications of India’s sustained GDP growth for the global economy?

India’s robust economic performance offers opportunities for global partnerships and investments, contributing to overall economic stability and growth.


Delivorias’ insights shed light on India’s promising economic trajectory, underpinned by demographic advantages, infrastructure development, and diplomatic initiatives. As India continues to surpass China’s GDP growth rate, it solidifies its position as a pivotal player in the global economic landscape, offering ample opportunities for collaboration and growth.