Humans of Bombay founder Karishma Mehta pens note on controversy with People of India

Humans of Bombay (HOB) recently filed a case in Delhi High Court against People of India (POI) over protection of intellectual property rights.

Humans of Bombay (HOB) founder Karishma Mehta has now taken to Instagram to address the controversy around the case and also inform that the court has ‘upheld their contentions.’

In the post, she revealed that Humans of Bombay drew inspiration from the page Humans of New York (HONY) and was founded to show how ‘storytelling can positively impact a society.’

She also mentioned that the Delhi High Court issued ‘summons to the party in question’ because there was ‘substantial imitation,’ including the shots and writeups.

In the next few lines, she shared how ’16 posts of POI got deleted over plagiarism,’ when HOB reported it to Meta.

‘However, it didn’t stop the plagiarism, even after we tried to resolve the matter amicably. We were left with no option but to lean on legal counsel,’ a part of the note reads.

The Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of HOB, restraining POI from using their ‘literary works and creative expressions.’

The note further reads, “The outcome of this case will set a precedent for the creator community, and will hopefully go a long way in safeguarding the original content that creators work so hard to build.”

‘Our story,’ wrote Humans of Bombay while sharing the message. This is the post in its entirety.