How to Send and Receive Money Online as a Pakistani Expat?

As a Pakistani expat, being away from home is a big challenge on its own. There are millions of miles between you and your loved ones, and you might feel the need to send and receive money at one point or another.

As a Pakistani expat living in the USA, you might want to know the right and legal ways of sending and receiving money, such as through Western Union, where you can transfer and receive money at the real-time dollar rate in pakistan and make informed decisions related to your finances.

Here are some of the safest ways to send and receive money online to and from Pakistan.

Online Platforms

As a Pakistani Expat living in the USA, you might send money regularly to your loved ones whom you left behind. You can avail of Western Union, which also happens to be the oldest peer-to-peer payment provider.

Ideally, you should be looking for a secure option to ensure the best exchange rate and the safety of your finances.

On that note, many global money services understand that not everyone can send money to Pakistan, which is why you will find several mobile and online apps for expats to send and receive money to and from Pakistan from the comfort of their homes.

All you need to do is to create an account with your selected global finance provider and start sending money. You have the option of making and receiving money using your credit or debit card. 


Another method to send money as a Pakistani expat to your loved ones back home is through peer-to-peer international financial service providers. Several global financial service providers have loads of branches in every country, including Pakistan.

All you need to do is to locate the nearest on-sit branch and visit the location. Next, the representative of the financial service provider will guide you through the process. Don’t worry, as it will take a few minutes. You can also avail of the next-day service, which ensures that your loved ones can receive the money on the very next day.

Send Money Through Your Phone

As a Pakistani expat, you can send money to your loved ones through your phone, too. This aspect is particularly useful if you don’t have an account yet and find the registration process complicated. Your selected financial service provider offers a phone service that you can then use to transfer money through your debit or credit card.

Again, the representative of your selected phone service provider will guide you through the essential steps while taking note of the details of the potential recipients to whom you will be sending the money. This entire process won’t take more than a few minutes, which is why it is super convenient for many expats.

How to Receive Money?

The only question left is how you can receive money as a Pakistani Expat living abroad. You might want to ask the sender about their selected financial service provider. They might have selected a global financial service provider to send online funds or through their phone. You have the option of tracking the online transfer and withdrawing the money as soon as possible.