How Can A Woman Bring Out More Of Her Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is something that we all have inside of us, (yes even men). 

Roughly 80% or more of women are naturally more feminine at their core, which means that their soul, body and biology identifies more with the feminine energy (despite the fact that they also have masculine energy within them).

Modern day life (especially in developed nations) creates an environment where women and men are under almost constant stress. Whether that be because of work, the fast paced life we all live or because of the multitude of responsibilities that women have – it’s there within most women.

This stress creates more masculine energy within women, as such they are less able to embody their feminine energy.

When women cannot embody their feminine energy to their fullest potential, it lowers their feminine radiance and dampens their sex drive. Not to mention their enjoyment of life in general!

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Here are the top 3 ways that a woman can bring out more of her feminine energy.

1: Bring Yourself Away From Your Thoughts Back To Your Body.

For a woman to animate more feminine energy, she has to bring the energy away from her head – stop analysing – and begin to bring the energy back into her feminine body.

For a feminine person, their energy is concentrated largely in their hips and thighs (but feminine energy spreads all over her body).

When a woman is in her thoughts all the time, or when she is over analyzing things, this energy gets used up for that particular purpose, which leaves less leftover energy for her body.

She can bring the energy back to her body by doing something that brings joy and pleasure to herself. Such as taking a warm bath, sitting in nature, holding a baby, being with animals, or being around other feminine women who are bringing pleasure to their bodies. 

2: Feel More.

Most women try to minimise the amount of emotions that they feel. Not only that, but they minimise the intensity of the emotions they feel, because life is more comfortable and easier to manage that way.

But here’s the kicker: to be more feminine, you have to actually feel more, not less. 

If you feel less, you become less sensitive and responsive.

When you lose sensitivity, you lose connection to your body and soul. This naturally means becoming less of your authentic self.

Since your authentic self is likely deeply connected to your feminine identity (if you are a woman), then what do you think you would need to do to become more of yourself?

That’s right. Become more sensitive.

Just remember that there are also a lot of myths surrounding what is feminine energy and what is masculine energy. 

It’s imperative to learn about the common misconceptions surrounding this popular framework of masculine and feminine, so that you don’t take the wrong path in your journey to becoming more of your feminine self.

The Feminine Woman dispels all the myths and highlights all the truths about what feminine energy is.

3: Be Around Other Feminine Women.

One of the quickest ways to animate more of your feminine energy and radiance, is to share time with other women who are unapologetically feminine.

You might think that this is the easiest of all the steps, and I wouldn’t blame you. It’s kind of easy to call up a girlfriend and hang out. Much easier than trying to feel more and become more sensitive.

But here’s the truth: Not every girlfriend is going to be deeply connected to her feminine energy. Especially when most women spend a lot of time on their career, and most of the day time hours are spent in an office being as productive as possible.

Productivity and career-oriented behaviours usually animate the masculine energy, because in order to be productive, we have to suck our undulating feminine energy from all around our body into a more static, concentrated ball of energy.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but the truth is that if your girlfriends spend most of their time in their masculine, then either you’re going to have to find some more feminine girlfriends for this purpose, or you’re going to need to consciously take part in more feminine pastimes with your already existing girlfriends.

I hope you go ahead and try at least one of these ways to become more feminine. 

There are countless benefits to animating more of your feminine energy, from feeling more fulfilled within your own life, to becoming a more relaxed and responsive mother, to becoming more alluring and sexy to men. 

The more feminine you are, the more likely it is that you can be attractive to masculine men. Feminine energy is by no means everything – but it can help you create polarity with the masculine men of the world.

After all, when women try to become more masculine (or just accidentally become more masculine just to survive in a fast-paced world), they may achieve more success, but they also run the risk of being less appealing to the masculine men of the world.

Conclusion: How Can A Woman Bring Out More Of Her Feminine Energy?

Step 1: Bring Yourself Away From Your Thoughts Back To Your Body.

Step 2: Feel More.

Step 3: Be Around Other Feminine Women.