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Home for Homeless and Buzurgon Ko Laathi!!

Home for Homeless and Buzurgon Ko Laathi!!

By Rohit Verma

Edited by Sanchita, Associate Editor, The Indian Economist

What it will be like to be homeless? How it will be like not having bath for more than a week?

How will it be like wearing unwashed clothes for months? These are the questions of which

we don’t have proper answers. According to Census research conducted by the Government

Authorities of India concerned, it has been found that in India approximately 76 Million people

are bound to live without roof above their heads. In year 2011 this figure was around 50

Million, now it has been increased and unabatedly increasing at an alarming rate.

This majority of homeless people involve physically handicapped, mentally challenged, senior

citizens and children below the age group of 14. To provide shelters to them there are hardly

any night or day shelter available which is in good condition and capable enough to get these

people fit- in. A live illustration of a night shelter Asha Kiran in Delhi which has capacity of

only 200 people has 800 people stuffed in it including children, senior citizens, physically and

mentally challenged people. This is a really thundering reality. This over flooded population

does not have any other solution but to look for some inches to sleep at night into these

shelters and to beg for food in day. But what about those who don’t get even an inch to stay

over there, they have to roam around the roads to find a free & safe place i.e., footpaths,

where police goons will not trouble them and dogs will not bite. Situation is really out of hand.

But apart from this homeless majority, one majority is also there whose children have kept

fingers on their lips i.e., Senior Citizens. Parents nurture their children with the hope that their

children will become their helping hand in old age, the time when parents really need their

children’s support. But, what will happen if their children throw them out of the house or not

financially support them? The only option they are left with is Pension to meet their day to

day expenses. Currently government provides around Rs. 1000 to married senior citizens and

around Rs. 1500 to the single or widows . From this scheme Lakhs of senior citizens have been

benefitted, but there are still many who don’t hold this benefit.

But “Acche Din Ane Wale Hai”. When the Union Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitely announced

to allocate a significant amount towards building night shelters for the homeless people, it

was the moment to rejoice in riotous manner for people who are bound to make footpaths as

their beds and stones as their pillows. Moreover, Finance Minister has also planned to boost-
up the number of senior citizens who will surely enjoying benefit of Pension Scheme.

This issue had also been raised by the AAP Chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal in his ruling time but BJP

has taken its advantage and used it in its budget plan. Through this, BJP has an opportunity to

raise its vote bank in the coming elections.

Rohit is an ingenious and a very industrious personality. He is presently persuing Bachelor of Business Studies from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi. He has worked as a Business Development Executive for a well renowned organization, Neon Group of Institutions. He has befittingly shaped himself by grabbing much experience from organizing many college events. He has a vision to see our nation as a developed and self-reliant nation in basis by empowering the future of the country i.e., our human capital.

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