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Happy Days Are Just A Plan Away

Happy Days Are Just A Plan Away

To be or not to be.

Shakespeare may have coined the phrase to emphasize Hamlet’s dilemma, but once applied into all our lives, it evolves into an entity close to home. To be a scientist or not to be. To be productive or not to be. To be a parent or not to be. To be?

But there is one thing that always escapes this process of confusion and decision making. From the last thought that leaves our minds as we fall asleep, to the very first we wake up with; all that we do and will in our lives is on autopilot directed towards one simple goal: happiness. Now, happiness may just be a successful day of grocery shopping or a night of catching up with an old friend. It maybe be completing your to-do list or keeping track of your finances.

Whatever it might be, the pursuit of happiness is the primary goal for a good life.

However, what does end up becoming a bone of contention is the ‘how to be’. The road to happiness is a traffic-prone route.


It shows us that aspirations require careful organisation, and relationships need attention. It points us towards developing some habits, while controlling some. From keeping an open mind and embracing new ideas; challenging oneself to wade through uncomfortable circumstances, the list of habits is an infinite trail.

But somehow when it comes to finances and money, opinions go haywire. Questions regarding payment of education fees, funds and insurance linger on the back of every mind. Countless notes are made and organisers finished in a bid to keep track of one’s daily, monthly, yearly expenditure.

Record making demands careful attention, and can get tiresome unless one taps into innovative methods. One of them, as it turns out, happens to be the My Money Book from Exide Life Insurance.  And the best perk? It promises long-term benefits and once you embrace the habit, you’re done.


My Money Book promises long-term benefits and once you embrace the habit, you’re done.

Imagine not having to deal with a hoard of mini-statements of your savings accounts, and keeping a record of it in separate spaces. Not having to recreate budgets, and making sure to remember important bank details of your parents and spouse. Imagine a single space where all you need to do is fill in information and sit back and relax.

How many times have we frantically called our relatives, sifted through dozens of files, turned closets upside down in an effort to track a piece of paper? Lots, I’m sure.

Happiness is now on the tips of your fingers, and just a book away.

With the My Money Book, the key to your happiness is stored in just one place and the habit of filling the book can keep your family secure and happy in the years to come.

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