From love gloves to medical gloves: World’s largest condom maker changes tack..

The world’s largest condom maker, Karex, saw a 40% decline in sales during the pandemic, as hotels anc clinics were shut down. The company now plans to get into the medical glove business by mid-2022.

Spending more time indoors under lockdowns, closures and other curbs might seem a natural catalyst for more sex — and condom use — but the world’s biggest maker of the prophylactics says otherwise.

‘It is easy to assume that people staying ‘had nothing [to do] but have sex, right?” the company CEO said that has not, in fact been the case. He opined that that in developing and less-developed countries, where hotels fill the gap in providing safe and secure places for consenting adults, the pandemic has been a dead rubber event.

With the pandemic all but shutting down the tourism and hospitality business, as well as a pause in government condom handout programs, things have been difficult.

The Malaysian company, touted to be the largest condom producer in the world, produces over 5.5 billion condoms annually and operates in 140 countries.”

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