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Foreign currencies made easy for international travellers

Foreign currencies made easy for international travellers

The 21st century has seen the world transforming into a well-knit global village. Individuals are travelling across boundaries in greater numbers. To complement their travel, there has been a rise in the popularity and demand of multicurrency travel cards. The simple idea behind these cards is to provide a seamless flow of money for a hassle-free journey. The cards eliminate the worry regarding exchange rates and currency conversion rates of a foreign country. This makes getting foreign exchange as smooth and as easy a process as buying a movie ticket online!

Boon for a traveller

The Indus Forex Multi Currency Card is an embedded chip technology based Foreign Exchange card which offers easier access to foreign currency with increased protection.

Dealing with multiple denominations of a foreign currency can be quite tricky for travellers. Hence, a currency card is probably the most relevant item in your wallet. It comfortably deals with all kinds of payments, ranging from shopping at retail stores/online websites and hotel bookings, to paying up at petrol pumps and dining outside. This incredibly useful piece of plastic can be converted into hard cash from any VISA ATM, for which you will receive regular SMS alerts (as with other transactions). Insurance coverage is another bonus feature.

The currencies offered by most of the travel currency cards are the US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, and Australian Dollar. However, this concept is made more flexible with the introduction of the IndusInd Forex card in the market which provides the user with four additional currencies – namely the Canadian Dollar, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollar and the UAE Dirham. Hence, the diversity of currency offerings is extremely helpful for globetrotters as well as infrequent travellers.

IndusInd Bank enables you to load and reload their Forex card multiple times, as well as buy and sell foreign exchange. It even gives you a platform to send money abroad to your loved ones! Dealing with currencies from different countries is no longer an alien concept in a rapidly globalizing world.

The Indus Multi Currency Card is extremely versatile and simple to use, being valid worldwide (except India, Nepal and Bhutan) and having a validity of up to 3 years.

Safe and Secure

Money matters always run parallel to security. Due to an increase in the number of card frauds and misuse of payments done by magnetic-striped cards, the IndusInd Forex cards have been developed according to the EMV standard to prevent such problems. The transactions have been made highly secure by placing an embedded and encrypted chip in the card, which gives it a unique identity. This makes the chip card more secure against card frauds and protects customers from card skimming and counterfeit.

The most attractive feature, perhaps, of the IndusInd Multi-Currency Card is that the user is safeguarded against currency fluctuations in the market, as the exchange rate remains fixed at the time of loading the card.

Moreover, to keep the user updated about the transactions, and to counter-check the legitimacy of the transactions, the company issues instant alerts for them.

Some other features of the Indus Forex Card are:

1) Easy encashment once you return to India. Refund is initiated immediately after the completion of certain formalities.
2) Hassle-free card replacement in case of loss/theft
3) Track your spends or check the balance of your Indus Multi Currency Card through the website
4) Available balance on card provided after every transaction (In respective wallet currency).
5) Accounting made easy with periodic regular statements

 Join the club

The process of availing this card is simplified and efficient. Just transfer the required minimal documentation to the online virtual platform and wait for 24 hours for IndusInd Bank to activate the card. Alternatively, you can also get your Indus Multi Currency Card through any IndusInd Bank branch.

Along with an effective and well-organized system, there is also a focus on reducing the costs for the consumer. Introducing, the three big ‘Zeros’ of relief:

1) Zero currency conversion charges
2) Zero charges on 2 ATM withdrawals per currency per month
3) Zero processing fee

The idea of international currencies being available by a trusted name in the market, without the excessive conversion costs is encouraging, and makes way for a world of opportunities. Not to mention, it is easy on your pocket. So, join the club of savvy international travellers with a smart solution to cumbersome conversions of currencies!

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