Facebook Vs Twitter: Which is Best for Your Business?

Are you indecisive about which is better among Facebook and Twitter for your business? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that a successful business venture today requires a strong social media presence. Social media platforms have emerged as the go-to place for advertisements, promotions, awareness and following. Therefore, it is obvious that one […]

Are you indecisive about which is better among Facebook and Twitter for your business? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that a successful business venture today requires a strong social media presence. Social media platforms have emerged as the go-to place for advertisements, promotions, awareness and following. Therefore, it is obvious that one has to work hard toward creating a handsome profile on these networking giants.

Be it a brand, a business or even an individual, growing one’s presence on Facebook and Twitter opens multiple avenues. This is the reason it is sometimes recommended to have professional assistance in achieving such targets. 

To put it simply, your presence on any social networking site you pick has to be solid to make an impact. But how do you decide which one is the best for your business, after all?

Looking at the Statistics

Both the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter can be called giants in their field. They are extremely helpful if you want to generate traffic for your website as people are most active on these platforms several times a day. 

Besides, since their style, purpose and themes are markedly different from each other, they also provide immense potential to make a mark with diverse content.

But do they also differ in terms of statistics?

Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to the audience pool that one can reach out to. Facebook is a platform that is not just used by more people but also by all kinds of people. We are talking about different age groups, backgrounds, races, cultures and professions. This means there is a chance of approaching diverse audiences when using Facebook.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a relatively new platform which sees an audience age range between 18-29 for the larger part. This means that a critical analysis from your side regarding what kind of audience you tend to cater is of vital importance.

Statistical data reveals that the total number of US adults on Twitter is about 24%. At the same time, the number of users on Facebook is about 70% of adults in the US. This clearly shows the large gap between the two platforms in terms of user numbers. However, the reason behind a lower appeal of Twitter is not because it is lesser than Facebook in quality, but because of (a) the age groups that use it, and (b) its relative age compared to Facebook, which has been around and successful for such a long time.

Another fact to note is that Facebook sees appeal among all age groups, yet slightly lower for the age group between 18-29. The same cannot be said about Twitter, which finds mass appeal among youngsters, thanks to the limited-words culture, latest trends discussion and fun platform for memes that Twitter provides. No wonder, some of the best memes on the internet have actually been first shared on Twitter. Many Twitteratis are famous only for the memes and one-liners they post throughout the day.

Facebook vs Twitter: Different Purposes

Both Facebook and Twitter provide immense scope in terms of networking, engagement and brand awareness. However, each comes with its own set of pros and cons depending on what kind of business you are choosing to promote. Even though both have often been clubbed as ‘social networking sites’, their inherent differences are enough to guide your decision.

Firstly, the average user on each of these platforms uses it for different durations in a day. Let us recall that Twitter sees greater usage by millennials (18-29 age group) besides politicians, celebrities and journalists. This is because Twitter is where the LATEST buzz happens. This means people are more likely to check their Twitter around 5-6 times every day to keep up with the latest news and buzz.  

When and How to Choose between Twitter and Facebook?

Besides, Twitter is the ideal choice for promotions in case you think witty captions are your forte. This is because Twitter comes with a character limit and that tends to increase readability and interest among people. So, if you think you can create compelling 280-character content that can catch people’s eyes, Twitter is a go-to social media platform for you.

Yet, you must take care of the pace which Twitter and its users expect you to keep. Your post is not going to last long at the top of people’s feeds. Getting hold of followers to read your content can also tend to be challenging, though you can put to use the list of sites at The Verified List to buy Twitter followers. The number of followers on your handle and number of likes on your post can have a lasting impact on the kind of impression they have on a new user.

Facebook, on the other hand, is the place to go to for business growth and reach on the longer term and wider audience. Facebook is a platform in which people tend to open more often and are also active on it for longer durations. Surveys show that Facebook users check posts around eight times a day on an average. But this also means that you would have to post multiple times a day on Facebook to be able to keep your content afresh on users’ feed whenever they come online. 

The engagement rate is also different for both these platforms, and Facebook records higher engagement rates. That doesn’t mean, however, that Twitter users are not interested in your content. It is just that different platforms record different levels in terms of likes, say 300 likes on Twitter even with a million followers! So, it is really nothing to be bothered about.

Advertisements for the Business

The first priority for your account as a business should be to actively engage in promotions. This means you must stay aware of the various tools to be used for advertisements and promotions. You can promote your content, ideas, products and services actively on both, yet both platforms are markedly different in terms of advertisement as well.

Facebook comes with a simple interface for advertising and a quite cheap one at that. Therefore, if you are someone who has just started out with their business, Facebook ads will be more convenient for you. Similarly, if you are someone who wants to promote often, Facebook ads are a better option.

When it comes to Twitter, advertisement campaigns can turn out to be more expensive. But the options Twitter provides, in terms of targets, behaviour, followers and so on, is more diverse. Another important fact to note is that with Twitter, your advertisements tend to reach a greater proportion of people with more engagement. So, even if the cost is a bit higher, Twitter promotions perhaps bear more fruit.


Which platform is better for you between Facebook and Twitter depends a lot on your business profile. The kind of goods and services you are selling, the kind of engagement you need to have with your users, and the manner in which you wish to impact them – all factors play a major role.

Carefully consider each of the factors we have mentioned above and make a calculated decision.