Exploring Some Trendy Short Haircuts For Men To Try

Trendy Short Haircuts For Men To Try This Year

If you’re a man with short hair looking for a new style, there are lots of trendy short haircuts for men to consider in 2024. Short hairstyles for men are low maintenance, masculine, and versatile enough to wear professionally or casually. 

With the right barber, you can style a cool shortcut that looks good and suits your face shape. From the classic crew cut to the modern textured crop and faded undercut, these are the best short haircuts for men to get right now.

  • Crew Cut 

The crew cut is one of the classic short haircuts for men that features trimmed hair on the top with short sides. This old-school military-inspired style works well with straight, wavy, curly, and receding hairlines. 

Ask your barber for a short crew cut on the sides and back with roughly 1 1/2 to 2 inches of length on top. Style with a matte product for a natural finish.

  • Buzz Cut

The buzz cut remains one of the most badass, super short haircuts you can get. Guys love the buzz cut for its masculine, fresh look that requires virtually no styling or upkeep. 

To get a buzz cut, have your barber trim your hair to a uniform short length all over using clippers. For added edge, get a fade or undercut on the sides.

  • Fade Cut

The fade haircut offers a clean-cut, tapered look that flatters most guys. There are lots of different fade styles – low, mid, high, bald, drop, skin, etc. 

Any fade pairs well with short hair, working to decrease the length down the sides and back gradually. Keep the top 2 to 3 inches long for a modern style.

  • Undercut 

The undercut combines longer hair on top with very short clipped sides. This trendy haircut focuses all the attention upward for an eye-catching look. Get an undercut fade or slick back the longer top hair for a stylish finish. It works on straight, curly, thick, and thinning hair.

  •  Textured Crop

For a casual look, try a textured crop cut. The textured crop works on most hair types and features shortened hair all over. Styled messy, this type of short haircut looks rugged and low-maintenance. 

  • Ivy League

The Ivy League cut offers a preppy style ideal for guys who want a professional haircut. This classic look features medium-length hair on top with short tapering sides. It’s versatile to wear slicked back, parted, or brushed up and about. The Ivy League cut works for men with receding hairlines.

  •  Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut puts a modern spin on the classic Caesar haircut. It’s characterized by a short-tousled fringe in front that’s styled forward at an angle over the forehead. Keep the hair around 3 inches long on top to achieve the signature Caesar look.

  •  Short Pompadour 

A pompadour blends classic and contemporary for a stylish look. This short pompadour keeps hair sharp to medium length on top, swept upward and back off the face. It can be worn naturally or more structured. Pompadours complement square face shapes with angular hairlines.

  • Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade combines a high fade on the sides with longer combed-over hair on top. It’s a trendy, edgy style that flatters receding and thinning hair. Use a strong hold pomade or wax to create a sleek comb over the part and a defined look.

  • Short Quiff

For guys who want height, get a short quiff. According to MensHaircuts, this modern men’s hairstyle features thick, upward-styled hair in front that adds volume on top. It’s best suited for straight, thick hair since it needs substance. Use a quality pomade or wax and finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

  • Side Part

Traditionally elegant, the side part offers a timeless hairstyle for men. Part your hair deeply and comb it neatly to one side. This refined look exudes class and works for casual wear, business events, weddings, and more. It’s ideal for straight, wavy, and thinning hair.

  • Crew Cut With Short Pomp 

Mix two classic cuts – the crew cut and pompadour – for a fresh, short hair look. Cut the back and sides extra short and leave the hair longer on top to style into a slight pomp. This flexible style accommodates various face shapes, hair textures, and densities.