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The Electoral Extrapolation

The Electoral Extrapolation

By Ayesha Borker

As we head towards forming a brand new government, all eyes would be looking at the voter’s list whether their names have appeared in it or not. Fingers awaiting to be inked. Hearts hoping for some miraculous changes where they can finally say, ‘Our country has arrived’. But brains knowing that it will wind up being the same old routine, same old disappointments. Yes, that is one disheveled Indian body for you. The Lord bring him some respite post the Easter day.

When it comes to the perfect model for the development of our nation everyone has an opinion of their own. Obviously, the structure of our country is vast and no single person can give you a holistic solution to all the issues it’s facing. This is primarily because different minds are good at perceiving different things. While Person X from the entertainment industry will chalk out the laws they need or plan on how taxes need to be reduced, the very same person maybe be at a loss for words on what the economic policy should be. This highlights a very important concept – management and team structure.

It appears to be a common notion that a new prime minister would solve all our problems. But many of us fail to understand that the dance of democracy lies in the hand of the entire structure or management. When the prime minster announces his new cabinet, it is important that he has an outstanding set of ministers who know how to do their jobs and most importantly who concentrate on doing their own jobs. Any structure in the world – political, educational or corporate completely relies on how it is defined to run. It thus becomes extremely essential to have solid base policies and later, persistent efforts for their execution. Sounds like a perfect plan and very ideal. Not very practical – many would argue. But that is how science works. Science has theories defined in ideal states. Not all are perfect in practicality. But the point is to tend to as ideal a situation as you can because that is where perfection lies.

Any leader who rises to power and is working towards the nation’s benefit (if anything like that exists), should principally look to lay down the most ideal policies and spend rest of his efforts to make it happen.

Talking of policies, the education system of our nation needs radical transformation. A uniform curriculum throughout the country is essential to bridge the gaps. Multiple entrance exams need to be done away with. They are like additional cotton bags for a donkey wading through water. While premier institutes like IITs or IIMs can have their own exams for competition’s sake, a single second exam should be enough to help students get into any institute across the country they want. I find a huge question mark on the need of reservations in post-graduate colleges. The purpose of reservation is to bring a certain section of people, who were earlier oppressed, on par with the current society. The pre-requisite for any higher degree college is a graduate degree. With all due respect if someone has received a chance to pursue their schooling, higher secondary school as well degree college successfully, the help should stop right there. This will bring some respite to a lot of general category students, who too, find it difficult to pursue higher studies due to increasing pressure and decreasing number of availability of seats.

Additionally, roles such as those of teachers, policemen and even that of municipal cleaners should receive more benefits and higher pay. Their jobs should be made even more lucrative because microscopically they contribute largely to the fabrication of the nation.

A few changes on the grass root level can go a long way in reflecting long-term impacts. Sound very simple, if only implemented. Here’s hoping that the aam aadmi receives his due of better things and finds his way inches closer to the governance he dreams of having.

I have completed my B.E in Electronics from the University of Mumbai. I am currently working as a Senior Application Engineer at AGC Networks Ltd, Mumbai. I like reading books and listening to music with a deep fascination for alternative rock. Writing poems is a hobby and I maintain a blog too (/ I keep coming up with models in my head on how governing systems could function more efficiently and latest scientific developments intrigue me. A social cause I deeply feel for is women empowerment.

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