Do You Own a Retail Store? These 7 Digital Signage Statistics Will Surprise You

If you’re not using digital signage in your retail store, then you should consider trying it. First of all, this is an investment you only have to make once, and it will keep paying dividends for years. All you’ll have to worry about is performing some light maintenance. Digital signage has also been proven to boost sales and increase conversion. It can be used to direct foot traffic into your store as well and influence your clients’ decisions. If you are still not convinced of how efficient digital signage can be, here are seven digital signage statistics that will surprise you.

68% of Customers Make a Purchase After Seeing Digital Signage

This is probably one of the most surprising statistics about digital signage. People are often not aware of how powerful and how much of an influence digital signage can have because of how conspicuous it is. But the fact that the majority of customers make a purchase decision after seeing digital signage should convince you that they’re having a genuine impact on buyer decisions.

76% of Customers Visit a Store Because of Digital Signage

Not only that but it has also been shown that 76% of customers have entered a store after seeing digital signage. This means that you could use signage to attract the attention of passers buys and increase foot traffic in your business. From then on, you can use digital screens to let them know about current and upcoming sales.

Digital Signage Increases Customer Satisfaction by 46%

Another statistic that might surprise you is the effect of digital signage on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is extremely important if you want to build a loyal clientele and get repeat business, and digital signage could help you get there. As a matter of fact, it has been found that digital signage could grow the number of repeat customers by over 30%. 

Digital Signage Increases the Average Purchase by 29.5%

Digital signage could also increase the amount of money customers spend when they visit your store. Digital signage has been shown to increase average purchases by up to 29.5%. Using it could allow you to reduce your average advertising spend since you’ll be able to focus more on retaining clients instead of acquiring them.

Digital Signage Reduces Perceived Wait Time and Improves Queue Management by 35%

Another reason why digital signage seems to have such a profound effect on customer satisfaction is its effect on queue management. Being able to reduce wait times and make the checkout process as seamless as possible to customers is extremely important, and digital signage can be used to instruct customers and create a better flow.

80% of Businesses Who Used Digital Signage Record a Substantial Increase in Sales

The power of digital signage doesn’t have to be proven anymore and most major brands in the country are using it to increase their sales numbers. Out of these businesses, 80% recorded a 33% increase in sales on average. 

How You Can Use Digital Signage in Your Business

With that being said, you can’t expect to get these kinds of results with digital signage unless you know how to use it correctly. First of all, you have to pick high-quality signage with bright colours and high-quality screens. You should research different providers out there and compare them based on reliability. The digital signs you pick should also have different programming options and allow you to make modifications over the cloud through a Wi-Fi connection.

Next, you have to make sure that you display your message properly and place signage in the proper areas for them to get the effect desired. They need to be placed in areas where customers spend a lot of idle time. The message needs to be clear with classic fonts to not confuse buyers. It has to be positioned so it will be at eye level for most customers too.

You have to make sure that the ads are highly relevant to your customers. You have to take the time to create clear buyer personas and think about them when creating ads so they can reflect your customers’ needs, aspirations, and lifestyles. Your ads should also be congruent with the season and your current inventory. 

Digital signage is one of the most powerful tools that you can use either to increase sales in your store or attract new clientele. So, if you haven’t thought about using it already, we suggest you speak with a few suppliers right now and ask as many questions as you can.

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