Designer Sabyasachi’s New Mangalsutra Ad Raises Temperatures…And Objections

Sabyasachi had launched an Intimate Fine Jewellery collection featuring ‘The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra’ on its official Instagram handle.

Sabyasachi has once again caused a flutter with his latest advertisement campaign, a photoshoot line for a jewellery collection featuring a Mangalsutra.

The fashion and jewelry designer’s eponymous label launched their collection of ‘Intimate Fine Jewellery’, but their promotion strategy hasn’t gone down well with fans and netizens alike.

The official Instagram page of Sabyasachi shared a series of photos featuring heterosexual and same-sex couples dressed up in intimate apparel as they advertised ‘The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra’

The Reaction

Many called the advertisement obscene. Some even said that it hurt their religious sentiments and that it is an attack on Hindu culture.

“Really sabyasachi?? What’s wrong with u these days, Who sell Mangalsutra like this. If u have guts sell burkha, tabij in this manners?? Stop Hindu discremation #Sabyasachi (sic),” a fan wrote on Twitter. 

“This is shameful Act @sabya_mukherjee You are selling the Mangal sutra by promoting nudity & obscene content with a hashtag #intimatefinejewellerybysabyasachi This is intentional hurting of Hindu sentiments Delete this post ASAP,” wrote another one.

“Mangalsutra looks like this #Sabyasachi It’s not a random piece of fashion jewellery, it indicates the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other,” wrote another user.

“No other way to show ‘Mangalsutra’ ? What are u actually selling #Sabyasachi ? Matlab kuch bhi!!!!! #jewellery @ShefVaidya,” read another comment.

This is not the first time Sabyasachi Mukherjee has been trolled on social media.

Earlier Controversies

In August, Sabyasachi put out an official statement after his online collection ‘sold out’ in India and global markets within a short period of time, amongst complaints that his products were beyond the reach of the average consumer.

“It’s why I designed an extensive range, so everyone could get something. This would also mean giving unlimited access to our Bengal Tiger logo, something that we hold very close to us, it’s almost sacred. A lot of marketing folks would consider this strategy harakiri for a luxury brand, but I believe that sustainable success never comes from the mind, always from the heart,” Sabyasachi wrote.

On October 19, Indian clothing brand Fabindia withdrew an advertisement for a clothing collection – called ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ – after senior BJP leaders accused it of ‘defacing’ the Hindu festival of Diwali, by linking the festival to an Urdu term.