Delhi Police, guardians of Law & Order, and Welfare: Chittaranjan Park, police station tops up

It has been over a decade now that I have resided here in the Delhi-NCR region, and I have seen the region making it to the headlines on all occasions and in varied topics. Not much is in good light at times, owing to the varied spectrum of crimes.

As the capital of India, it offers a range of opportunities and experiences, making it a great place to stay for people of all ages and backgrounds. Who makes it safe to stay here? Delhi Police Force undoubtedly, followed by the trail of other armed forces, government agencies, and regulatory departments. Delhi Police (DP), the primary law enforcement agency for the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). Delhi Police comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India.

It’s a matter of pride to say, the agency has been leading and commanding the force with courage, uprightness, dedication, and a strong sense of service to the common people.A recent example would be the foreign op and further detention of – Deepak ‘Boxer’ by the special cell task force of Delhi Police Force.

And, on the benign side of things, in a recent tryst with my confidant and disciplined official of Delhi Police, Head Constable Jaidev Rathore, who used to be deputed in the CR Park area for a long, introduced me to the welfare side of activities that the CR Park Police Station, from the South-East district of Delhi-NCR, has been running for a while now for the residents, their officials and the vicinity residents.

As a follow-up to this introduction, happened to meet the Station House Officer (SHO) of Chittaranjan Park (CR Park) Police Station, Mr. Ritesh Kumar Sharma, centering a free health check-up camp that he orchestrated for the commoners and his officials closely with, Rotary Club of Premier – District 3011 and, private healthcare limited over the weekend.

Imperative to mention, with a service tenure of more than two decades SHO Sharma, appeared to be an institutional man with all agility being an IPS, deputed on 27th of Nov, 2021 he continues to be a protector of all the liberties in the CR Park area, with his force men for the area.

On the side-lines of my visit, when inquired about the health camp and the other activities that the CR Park PS spearheads, SHO Sharma expressed, ‘This is just not charity purposes, but a matter of grave concern that prompts me and the authorities to orchestrate such camps for our people. First, my men and women (DP officials), in the quest for their call of duty most of the time, skip to undergo health check-ups or maintain a regularity of it for themselves. They need to ensure their healthy being and preparedness as an active police force. Secondly, in this area, many senior citizens seek help from us; these sorts of gestures from our side ease their lives too.’

In his previous postings at GK (PS) SHO Sharma was instrumental in driving similar sorts of self-help and social welfare camps for the underprivileged section under his aegis during the hard Covid times.

As our discussion delved down more, sitting at his neatly kept office desk at CR Park, PS SHO Sharma further deliberated with me on the other side. He added, ‘These sorts of camps and activities ensure charity and welfare with a larger meaning. It helps me drive as a – Preventive measure against crimes, as I try to engage with the youth and other age groups vulnerable to getting entangled to the dark side of this world.’

When inquired how his stint was thus far as a seasoned DP official in CR Park, SHO Sharma said, ‘“’You would be happy to know that we are sitting right now in the most peaceful pocket of the entire South District of Delhi-NCR. It’s a matter of honor for me to affirm that – Critical crime scenes are negligible in this area, lesser cases are pending, and negligible burglaries. In the past year, with all our efforts, more than 250 mobile snatching groups have been detained by us.’

Progressing with all his efforts, SHO Sharma and his officials intend to slate more such free healthcare camps and welfare activities in conjunction with NGOs and Charitable organizations. The recent one started at 10:50 am in the morning and was scheduled to be on till 2pm in the afternoon.

Under the aegis of the Rotary Club of Premier, free – RBS, BP, BMI, ECG, and general free consultation were conducted at the camp. ’It feels great to be associated for this camp with Delhi Police. It gives us an immense sense of pride to facilitate things today for the CR Park, Police Station’ said Madan Mohan (Asst. to the President of Rotary Club of Premier, Mr. Hari Khemka)

Welfare projects there underway and in the pipeline by SHO Sharma, namely – Sewing classes, IT workshops etc. Interested groups can get in touch with CR Park Police Station for further details.