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Countering unpredictabilities, finding friends

Countering unpredictabilities, finding friends

Our day begins with the chime of an alarm.

From waking up on time after adhering to the many alarms set last night, to putting off the inevitable by maintaining a close association with the snooze button. It’s a game of cause and effect and we’re forever surrounded by variables. Some unseen, some unknown; some accounted for, and some understandably one’s own. One snooze button can lead to a mad dash for the next train to work, or it may lead to a happy surprise of bumping into an old friend. We’re constantly making decisions.

Life insurance, crucial for peace of mind

Life Insurance is a prerequisite for a stress free life.

A tool for financial risk management, Insurance is a prerequisite for a stress free life. | Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

However, why is it that we put off some of the most important decisions and considerations in our lives?
However, why is it that we put off some of the most important decisions and considerations in our lives? Everything now comes with a guarantee aided with a warranty card. The fact that anything can happen is a fact acknowledged since time immemorial, and unpredictability is now being countered with safety nets and fallbacks.

So what if somebody dented your car? You always have your car insurance looking out for you. A medical emergency burdening your wallet? Have no fear, when your life insurance is here.

One realises that for a stress free life, it’s good to be proactive now for a better future. That’s where insurance becomes crucial. It is that tool of financial risk management that is finding an explicit importance in today’s fast paced world.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a person in need of financial assistance first requires assistance himself or herself to attain one. Terms and conditions can be confusing, and there are way too many films and whatsapp messages to alert you about the fraudulent scheming of troublemakers. But what if with one click, you were to do away with all these sources of tensions?

In such situations, there arises a need for an investment mechanism which covers a wide range of plans and policies from investments, savings, and fund tracking – all of that, for an optimal customer experience.

The initiation of a more emotional and satisfying relationship of trust and goodwill is possible only if there exists a carefully formulated system, which looks after every need of your life and aims to shoulder your financial burdens and responsibilities with you.

For example, HDFC Life,  as part of its updated schemes and practices, offers the feature of ‘Assisted Buying’. With assisted buying you can navigate financial routes with assistance through Chat support, Call support or co-browsing features. This means that you can ask customer service to fill the form on your behalf by sharing the screen with them.

Moreover, conscious steps have been taken to look after customer security and service by providing post sales support. Policy tracking which helps one track policy issuance, paying premiums, managing funds and filling claims, is made available; as are policy servicing features. With someone to guide you at every step, make things more understandable, HDFC life achieves that innovative human touch financial services should be looking for. It’s true: a friend in need is a friend indeed. And the best part?

All of that online, with just a Click to Insure.

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay

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