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By Sidhant Srivastava

Edited by Namrata Caleb,Senior Editor,The Indian Economist

What drives you in your job? If you would have asked someone this question ten years back, the most probable answer would have been MONEY. But ‘times, they are changing’. Gone are the days when the majority of people used to aspire to get a fancy degree and land a boring 9 to 5 job with the handsome salary. Nowadays, what is driving the young generation towards a particular job is the PASSION in that particular field.

Now let us talk about a few such jobs BUT with a Statutory Warning Attached.


How about capturing everything that you see around, in your lens? Of course, that does not mean clicking pictures of couples sharing their private candid moments. You might end up landing in jail for this kind of offensive behavior.

Photography is something which you capture in your lens which has got some unique, beautiful, and salient features. If you are a lover of wild animals and dense forests, then wildlife photography is certainly your cup of tea. If you love capturing beautiful faces and ultra glamorous sassy dresses, you have a fashion photographer hidden within you. If you love capturing the special and timeless wedding moments, then you can turn into a wedding photographer and you are lucky enough to be born in a country like India which is known for ‘Big Fat Weddings’. However, if food is always your primary love and everything else comes secondary and you cannot resist the sight of lavish and delicious dishes, you will need to resist yourself for a couple of extra moments to capture that sight of lavish delicacies so that you can make a profession out of it by becoming a food photographer.

If you have got the right skills and a bird’s eye, then you can surely become a successful photographer and earn loads of money out of this abstract venture of yours.

STATUTORY WARNING: Let your camera lay eyes on something worthy enough to be captured before you try to lay your hands on it.


It can be categorized as a tough job, but no denying the fact, it is ranked as one of the coolest  jobs too. Spinning and playing with bottles and entertaining the half inebriated crowd with your acrobatic skills gets you into the limelight instantly. Apart from just juggling and spinning the bottles in a fashionable manner, a bartender also gets to enjoy the different varieties of mock tails and cocktails and in a way possess that in-depth knowledge about all the drinks from the priciest ones to the classic regular drinks. More than that, if one gets to work in an expensive bar, the bartender is also paid expensively since bartending is an art and art cannot be measured by a mere piece if currency paper. Just Kidding, though bartending is an art, but it indeed is measured in terms of money. The best part about bartending is you can score the digits of the person who you think is out of your league, but maybe they are standing in the corner enjoying their drinks and admiring your acrobatic skills secretly.

STATUTORY WARNING: Be a little cautious while playing with the bottles or else more of showing off can get you fired from the job and you can end up losing the coolest job you ever had.


It feels great to play and experiment with a huge pallet of colors because in a way, they make your life more colorful. A job of a makeup artist is a free spirited one like a painter, but their canvas is the human body. They can use the appropriate colors according to the backdrop color of the canvas and make it look younger than its age hiding all the flaws and leaving it filled with beauty.

For a makeup artist, one needs to have a great knowledge and understanding of colors. One needs to be up to date with the ongoing fashion trends and the colors in rage that season.

STATUTORY WARNING: Be a little careful in your approach to experiment with different shades of colors. It should not be like instead of making them queenies, you turn them into UGLY BETTY or else you very well know where your career is headed.

  1. DJ

If at the age when other children were playing with yo-yos, you were busy with earphones plugged into your ears listening to YO YO songs, then you are for sure to become a YO YO DJ.

Yo M-A-H-N. You just read it correctly (we didn’t write in a grammatically correct way though).Another cool job in the list is that of a DJ. If you have the love of all the genres of music and if you dress in a funky manner and with a bit of an urban gypsy way then you are for sure to become a DJ.

A good DJ is someone who possesses a good sense of music as well as the right kind of anticipation towards the temperament of the crowd. One should know to make the crowd sway their bodies on the floor. DJs who have got fantastic skills and who work in hotshot clubs are paid an exorbitant salary.

STATUTORY WARNING: Be a little slow on saying “Bend it like Swagger, yo mahhnn, yo, yo”, etc. or else you will start on losing the crowd because you are not letting the crowd dance to their favourite numbers.


Are most of your clothes in the bag pack instead of the almirah? Are you a free spirited adventurous soul who likes to travel around a lot?

Well, now you don’t have to spend any money for that, instead you will be paid for exploring the world untouched by mankind. Globetrotters these days get paid a raking salary for giving out their personal reviews on the places they visit. They get to visit some of the most exquisite and enthralling places around the globe and that is why the name globe trotter is so apt. More than travelling, a globe trotter gets the exposure to various different cultures and gets to adapt in adverse conditions.

STATUTORY WARNING: You should not try to stretch the limits of being too adventurous otherwise you might end up in grave danger.

Sidhant graduated from IIT and discovered his creative bent of mind towards writing after having a near death accident, he had never thought of taking his writing to a professional level. He started blogging just last year, but got an amazing response to his blogs (, he then joined a fashion and lifestyle magazine as the sub editor. He is more than happy to contribute insightful articles on diversified topics to The Indian Economist. 


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