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SSCBS Presents Convergence 2014

SSCBS Presents Convergence 2014


In high spirits and much anticipation of its upcoming annual business convention Convergence, Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies organized ‘Shoot a Change’, a pre event designed to not ju10371304_561937803907763_1901420764653466667_ost market the flagship convention but also to test the participants on their creativity and posing skills!

The event was held spontaneously with no prior marketing for the same being done and ended up attracting a good crowd. A photo booth was set up in the front lawns in front of the main building along with ‘corporate’ themed props- funky wigs, professional briefcases and folders, geeky glasses, jazzy ties to suit up and all other intricacies one would normally associate with a corporate job. Participants could team up with these and were asked to write about their own definition of ‘corporate fantasy’ and get clicked with the same. It not just made the budding entrepreneurial ambition in the enthusiastic college students emerge out but was an attraction for the posers too! The competition proceeds with all the registered entries being uploaded on the official event page on Facebook and the maximum number of likes standing to win the first and second prizes respectively.Concluded with much fanfare,kudos to Team Convergence for a brilliantly conceptualized informal corporate event and smooth execution.


The freeze mob promotional pre-event planned in Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies on 18th October lived up to its billing in its own unique way. Initially, there were various worrying constraints regarding the participation and the expected attention out of the event but all the fears were washed away once the event took shape. Three of the college’s  distinguished societies, Kronos, Lawrenc10688481_560753884026155_1001686221612220984_oe and Darkroom participated in the event. Not only the numbers,the    enthusiasm surrounding the whole event also went up as a result of the same. A crowd of approximately fifty people can successfully garnered attention.

The event had to be glamorous because of all the fancy posters and catchy quotes on them relating them to the theme of the main event ‘CONVERGENCE 14’. The event took off at around 12:20. This time had been strategically decided beforehand as people in the college are mostly out of their classrooms for their lunch break.The Freeze Mob started with a bang covering the front stairs, the most happening place in the whole of college in the first act of the attempt. After two minutes, the mob moved to their second choice of place. In the second attempt, the participants scattered near the canteen and again received attention and applause for their effort. They carried on with the same activity in the ground floor quadrangle as well as different floors in the college building. Overall, the event stuck to the motive that the organisers of CONVERGENCE 14 had in their minds. They were able to instill interest about our main event scheduled to be held on 30th and 31st. They also heard cheer from the moving audience regarding the display of the event and the hype surrounding it. The Freeze Mob turned out to be a high pedigree promotional pre event.

ABOUT CONVERGENCE 2014fb-posts-001

Ready to alter your business dynamics? Ready to have your preconceived notions thrown out of the window? Ready to face a chilling account of what happens behind the scenes? If you are one corporate enthusiast, then this is the event for you!

Convergence is about ideas. It is about innovation, creation and exploration. It is about firsthand corporate experience. It is about realizing the beauty of formals. It is about inspiration-for the self as well as the others.

Convergence is not a formality! Convergence is not a compulsion! Convergence is our USP!
Convergence’14, centered on the theme ‘Revolution Is Evolution’, is a one of its kind, annual corporate convention that aims to amalgamate classroom teaching with corporate experience by exposing the students to new ideas, concepts and trends governing the modern day business world. Ever heard of the beautifully constructed oxymoronic phrase, ‘Change is the only constant’ by Heraclitus and the famous discipline transcending quote, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ by Charles Darwin? This year’s theme is inspired by these two beautiful word sequences, simply because both apply perfectly to the present day business scenario and global markets.

‘Change’ is what we represent. ‘Change’ is what we attempt-A break from monotony, mainstream thinking and stereotypes. ‘Genuine inspiration’ is what we hope to produce- an inspiration that will lead to a ‘Revolution’. How do we intend to produce this inspiration? We provide you with a platform to hone your problem solving, critical and analytical skills, by listening to first-hand accounts of the best innovators as well as the evergreen giants of the industry. The aim is to motivate students and imbibe in them a professional work etiquette.

How does this corporate exposure help you? It helps you rise above the competition and add that extra edge to your personality!

A revolutionary idea is like a virus-Once it enters the system, it finds ways to survive, grow and multiply. This is how ‘Evolution’ ultimately occurs.

So here’s inviting the corporate fanatics to come and channelize all that passion with this two day conference. Save the dates-30th and 31st October. We will see you there! It is your event after all!

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