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The Congress Strategy for 2014 LS elections

The Congress Strategy for 2014 LS elections

By Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Everybody is busy discussing and analyzing the various strategies of BJP, Modi, AAP and other parties with the exception of Congress. It’s been taken for granted by most of the country that Congress is a sinking ship. Thus the country seems impervious about possible Congress strategies. But the fact of the matter is that Congress does have a strategy and it in fact possesses a more sound strategy than other parties. This is a party which ruled the country for the longest duration. It also has records which stun political analysts till today – winning elections they were on the verge of losing severely and so forth. Let’s discuss some of its key strategies for these elections.

To be the king yet again, the party needs to win the 2014 elections. With 10 years of anti-incumbency, floods of scams starting during tenure of UPA-II coupled with policy paralysis and the economic slow down, Congress is convinced that it can’t win the election. Thus its target simplified. If not King, let’s be the King Maker! To be King Maker, it needs to damage BJP’s poll prospect.  This is being done directly and indirectly.

In the direct attempt, Congress eyes the first time voters. There are close to 3 crore voters who would vote for the first time in any election. There are around 8 crore voters who would participate for the first time in a general election. These voters are either college graduates or have just been engaged in service, although many might be unemployed. Although this is an excited group but it’s also a busy group too, which hardly find any time to check facts or to read manifestos. They decide based on what comes to fore. In fact high voltage campaign and rallies are generally made to attract this class of voters. Those who are aged more than 25 years are generally aligned to one party or other based on ideology or decides to vote depending upon the performance of a party whereas new voters are generally not financially independent and hence not aware what the ground reality is and how many issues affect people. This class is simply an excited class that more or less decides on theoretical basis and sometimes on sentiments.

This is the key for Congress strategists. Because of high unpopularity of UPA-II, Rahul Gandhi has been projected as an opposition to its Government. Present Prime Minister and Congress president Sonia Gandhi are missing from the Congress election posters. Rahul is selling himself as a young man dead against his party led UPA policies, standing with the common man. This branding is sufficient to impress new young voters. He intentionally calls Modi a dictactor and akin to Hitler. He has also said that RSS was responsible for the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. Thus young voters, when they compare Rahul and Modi, they would find a young angry man-cum-rebel against party sins in Rahul whereas they would find a Hitler and a leader from the party/organization that killed Gandhi in Modi. In the ‘ Lage Raho Munna Bhai’ era many new citizens will find a hero in Rahul and a villain in Modi!

Second is their indirect tactic. Congress assessed that if BJP manage three key states e.g UP, Bihar and Maharashtra, and then it would be in a position to form the government. MNS chief Raj Thakeray declared fielding his candidates in Maharashtra and pronounced support for Narendra Modi. By fielding candidates in Maharashtra it would benefit Congress-NCP alliance and declaring support to Modi, Raj Thakeray ensured UP and Bihar sentiment to go against Modi. People of UP and Bihar might be fan of Modi but when they see Raj Thakeray standing with him, they are sure to ditch Modi as it’s an issue of sentiment. For people of Bihar and UP, Raj Thakeray is an enemy who can’t be compromised!

In Andhra, they have already gone for Telangana and hence are sure to be benefited. In Seemandhra, Kiran Reddy is doing a PRP just to damage TDP’s party. TDP is a possible ally of BJP. Thus damaging TDP would damage NDA. In other big states like TN and West Bengal, BJP has no presence. One of the two main regional parties of those state are sure to support Congress if other supports NDA.

Doesn’t this sound like a smart idea? Stop Modi and BJP; go for 3rd/4th front. If they are able to achieve it, then Modi would be dead politically. Continue support to 3rd/4th front for a year, go for general election and come back to power!

It would be interesting how BJP and Narendra Modi’s counter strategy works. However BJP and Modi must not be taking Congress lightly. After all it’s their shrewd and brilliant tactic which made BJP out of power in 2004 even after a good performance!

Biranchi Narayan Acharya: I am a professional Civil Engineer and Working in the Infrastructure sector since 1988. Apart from my profession, I have deep interest in political, social, spiritual, sports & current affairs. Generally writes various political analysis, social point of view, self- improvement & spiritual blogs in various web-journals. In my non-office hour I am also a part-time amateur activist in educating friend & relatives regarding citizens’ fundamental duty & responsibility. I believe that if we as master of the democracy change, then the society & polity will definitely change. Email id- [email protected]

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