Are You Suffering from Arthritis? CBD May Help You

Arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting American adults today. Consisting of increasingly painful joint stiffness and inflammation, arthritis is commonly treated with over-the-counter and prescription drugs that often have significant side effects while delivering disappointing results.

In recent years, arthritis sufferers disappointed by conventional treatments have turned to CBD as an alternative. What is CBD, can it help with arthritis, and how do you find the best CBD oil for arthritis online?

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a non-intoxicating extract of the hemp plant. Users report that this cannabinoid provides a pleasantly relaxing feeling and helps with pain, soreness, and mood. Available online and shipped to all 50 states, CBD is easy to get your hands on, and lots of different types of CBD products are available.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are considered industrial hemp, not marijuana. As such, it is generally legal to ship CBD across state lines, and owning CBD is not considered to be marijuana possession.

Does CBD Get You High?

No, unlike THC, CBD will not get you high. This cannabinoid does not bind with the neuroreceptors in the brain responsible for marijuana intoxication. In fact, it might even reduce the activity of conventional cannabinoid receptors.

Does CBD Help with Arthritis?

There’s plenty of reason to believe that CBD might be useful as an arthritis treatment. Countless thousands of individuals have left behind reviews detailing their experiences with using CBD for arthritis, and scientists have published a considerable amount of academic research on the subject.

CBD appears to interact with the specific systems in your body that contribute the most to the symptoms of arthritis. As a result, this simple, non-intoxicating cannabinoid is well worth considering if you’re struggling with this inflammatory condition.

Benefits of CBD for Arthritis

What are the most compelling science-backed benefits of CBD for arthritis? Let’s explore:

CBD for Pain

CBD is now so popular as a pain remedy that a 2020 review of the available evidence was conducted to determine an ideal approach to using CBD for pain. The following year, a scientific survey determined that 59% of individuals who used CBD for pain have experienced positive results, and 67.6% were able to reduce their pain medication dosage after they started using CBD.

CBD for Inflammation

Research has established that CBD interacts with the primary neuroreceptors in your body responsible for controlling inflammation. A 2018 review of the available evidence, for instance, found that CBD binds with a wide variety of TRP neuroreceptors, which control inflammation and sensations of inflammatory pain.

CBD for Arthritis Symptoms

The benefits of CBD specifically for arthritis have also been researched. A 2017 lab study, for instance, found that “CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for OA [osteoarthritis]  joint neuropathic pain.” Another lab study, this time from 2016, determined that CBD may provide “relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects.”

Best CBD Products for Arthritis

If CBD is as effective for arthritis as scientific evidence and anecdotal testimony suggest, what are the best types of CBD products you can use for this condition? In the end, you might want to use multiple types of CBD products at once, but most arthritis sufferers start with either oral or topical types of CBD.

Oral CBD products provide benefits throughout your body, but they take longer to kick in and offer reduced effectiveness-per-milligram than topical CBD formulations. Topically applied CBD products, on the other hand, provide impressively potent benefits that remain localized to a particular area of your body. 

The effects of oral CBD usually last 2-3 hours while the effects of topical CBD usually wear off after around an hour. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that individuals who are serious about using CBD for arthritis often develop daily CBD routines that incorporate both oral and topical products.

CBD for Arthritis: The Bottom Line

Arthritis is a pernicious condition that can significantly diminish your quality of life. Even though conventional arthritis treatments often don’t work the way we wish they would, natural alternatives like CBD or proving that more-effective options are out there.

Causing minimal side effects and often reported to offer incredible relief, the benefits of trying CBD for arthritis are considerable while the risks are minimal. If you’re suffering from arthritis, don’t hesitate to give CBD a shot today.


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