Are India’s Bananas ‘Bigger’ Than Pakistan’s Bananas?

A Pakistani panelist’s comparison of ‘banana growth’ in India and Pakistan on a TV show leaves the show anchor in splits on air

Pakistanis like the size of Indians’ bananas. Depending on where your minds go, this statement could ne salacious or innocuous.

What it definitely is, is funny, as Pakistani news anchor Alveena Agha burst out laughing when a guest on her show was explaining how Indian bananas were better than Pakistani bananas and work needed to be done to improve Pakistani bananas.

“Bananas in Bombay are this big,” the guest can be seen innocently explaining in the video, that has now gone viral. He proceeded to use ‘hand gestures’ to show the size of the bananas.

He was not in the wrong as he was indeed talking about bananas, the ‘fruit.’

“Bananas in Dhaka are also this big,” the guest continues, “But bananas in Sindh (province of Pakistan) are as small as our fingers,”
In the viral video, Agha can be seen keeping her calm at the start but the ‘unique’ way the guest made his case makes her gradually lose it, before finally bursting into laughter right in the middle of the telecast.