Are AirPods Safe?

Apple introduced AirPods in 2016 and since then wireless headphones have become popular. People prefer to use wireless earphones over wired ones. It is a popular belief that wireless earphones or AirPods are easy to carry and easy to wear and remove.

People find it more manageable than wired earphones because they get tangled up and cause a lot of problems sometimes. Hence, they turn to wireless earphones and earbuds. Even Android users refrain from using wired earphones nowadays.

But there are some concerns about which the users of AirPods are constantly worried, such as the safety risks of using AirPods at night. To cover all of this we have provided the information below. We will be talking about AirPods in this article and what safety risks it poses.

About Airpods

AirPods were designed back in 2016 by Apple Inc. AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earphones that have been developed especially for Apple mobiles. They were introduced with the iPhone 7 for the very first time. Within about 2 years AirPods became the most popular accessory of Apple.

AirPods are designed in such a way that their microphones cut out the background noises and they also enable the automatic pausing down of the audio after the AirPods have been taken out.

In 2019, Apple released AirPods which consisted of an H1 Chip, longer talk time, and support of “Hey Siri”. Also, an optional charging case was added to the offering list. These AirPods were termed second-generation AirPods.

Apple released the third generation AirPods in 2021. They had shorter stems similar to Spatial Audio, AirPods Pro, and longer battery life.

AirPods are an essential part of any Apple model. They are easy to use and remove, people love to use them because of their easy manageability.

Technology Used In AirPods

Many people stay confused about the type of technology and system which is employed for the working of AirPods.

Here we have simplified the technology which is used for the smooth functioning of AirPods.

As far as the audio technology is concerned, Apple uses the following features:

  • Transparency Mode
  • Vent system for pressure equalization
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Spatial Audio with Dynamic head tracking system
  • Active Noise Cancellation System
  • Custom dynamic range amplifier
  • Custom high excursion Apple driver

Apple uses advanced and hi-tech technologies such as these which exemplify why the AirPods are so revered and loved by the users. They use the H1 Chip which gave a longer talk time and provided the support of “Hey Siri”.

Sensors used in the AirPods are:

  1. Force Sensor
  2. Speech Detecting Accelerometer
  3. Motion Detecting Accelerometer
  4. A microphone that faces inwards
  5. Dual beam-forming microphones
  6. Dual Optical Sensors

These are highly advanced sensors that are used in the system of AirPods. It is due to these sensors that the AirPod works so efficiently.

Now, we’ll talk about the various controls an AirPod sensor holds. It includes features such as calling out “Hey Siri” and getting simple things like playing a song, getting directions, or making a call to be done.

It includes the control to cancel active noise and it also enables transparency mode. These features assist the user to have a smooth experience with the AirPods.

Safety Concerns In AirPods

People are always worried about one thing relating to Bluetooth earbuds, be it for Android or Apple. They are concerned about the safety issues related to AirPods and Bluetooth Earphones.

Scientists have researched a lot on this topic and they have concluded that there is no such established evidence that suggests that the AirPods or the Bluetooth earbuds are harmful to a user’s health.

However, it is highly advised that one shouldn’t use damaged AirPods as they might turn out to be harmful or hazardous to the user’s health. One should avoid using those AirPods which don’t have a cushion and one must stay away from the moving parts of the AirPod to avoid getting pinched.

People often spread rumors such as AirPods affecting one’s ear canal due to the radiation it attracts. However, for now, there is no such evidence that proves this rumor.

Also, people who use AirPods regularly are often worried about whether sleeping with AirPods is safe or not. Sleeping with the AirPods on has some marked possibilities.

It has some short-term and long-term risks:

  • Potential for ear infections
  • Soreness in the ear
  • Loss of hearing
  • Losing the earbuds
  • Disturbance in Sleep
  • Build-up of wax
  • It might cause pain
  • Possibility of swallowing the earbuds
  • Can block out external sounds
  • Not good for Hygiene
  • Affects Battery Life

These are some of the risks associated with sleeping with AirPods. One must ensure that they remove their AirPod from their ears before going to bed. However, some researchers believe that there are a lot of benefits of using the AirPods while sleeping.

Researchers tell us that our brain picks a lot of conversations and information at night. Hence, many people use this to learn different kinds of languages and to memorize their lessons.

It is believed that if you let the audio play while one sleeps it goes into the brain and gets stored in the person’s memory.

Scientists have stated that the brain picks up more information and knowledge at the time the brain is at rest. The brain collects more information at night time than the time it is awake.

These are some of the benefits:

  • Relaxation of the mind
  • Noise Isolation
  • Boosts your brain
  • The durability of the AirPods
  • It causes the brain to relax from external noises.
  • It helps in boosting the brain of the individual and feeds more information while sleeping.
  • The AirPods are durable and can be played for many hours in a row.
  • It provides noise isolation and gives the user some kind of relief.

Final Words

AirPods are highly advanced and use hi-tech technology which explains the reason for their high demand and usage. Scientists have stated time and again that there is no such evidence that proves that using AirPods is unsafe for an individual’s health.

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