Apple Electric Car: Apple pulls plug on EV, Focus Shifts On GenAI

Apple is said to have invested billions into the Apple Electric Car project codenamed Titan but now it wants to spend its energy and resources in building applications in Generative AI

People hired specifically for the car project are likely going to be laid off, while some could be absorbed into other teams that are actively working on new products and services at the company.

The report from Bloomberg states Apple revealed this big decision to of 2,000 employees who have been part of the car project, and some of these will now be focusing on building Gen AI and other projects at the company.

Technically, Apple has never shared details or even confirmed about its plans to make a car, or that it is working on one.

As Tim Cook and Co. look to build on core products that are bound to give more returns, the Apple electric car might have taken a backseat

Eventually, the company must have realized the challenge to not only sell the car but also after-sales service and maintenance issues.

The Apple electric car would have been priced around $100,000, many experts speculated, which would have put it up against the Tesla Model X.

An electric car at that price would have made it challenging even for a company of Apple’s pedigree, as it would be difficult for consumers to trust Apple over the much more tested Tesla.

It would be the same as other smartphone manufacturers, going up against the iPhones and Macs, Apple’s bread and butter for decades.

Apple not only faces a tough fight from Tesla but all other traditional car makers who now have also invested in electric vehicle divisions, making the task even harder.

Apple was never going to find it easy to make an affordable self-driving car, and the new developments on the project suggest the company finally realized the investment was not going to be worth it.

Where Apple could invest and find its niche would be on the software side of things, something that could be of interest to car makers who struggle in this aspect and could do with a new version of CarPlay that can actually form part of the vehicle ecosystem.

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