After travel agent, PMO’s printer enters Forbes India’s richest list

A Delhi-based printer said that Sharma’s printing job has made waves in the industry. “Chetan Bhagat wanted me to print his latest book.

By Niroj Dash 

In a historic moment for the PMO, two vendors working for Narendra Modi’soffice have made the cut to be among the top 50 of Forbes India’s rich list.

It’s no more a secret, we all know Ajay Verma who manages all the travel- related formalities for the Prime Minister is consistently among the top 10 richest Indians for the past five years. However, the surprise entry this year is Sandeep Sharma, who prints letters for the PMO and dispatches them to the people to publicise government’s flagship schemes.

Mr Sharma, who always preferred to work silently in the background, came to the limelight after a recent report said that he printed close to 7.5 crore letters under the PM Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) in the last one month.

“I struggle to print 300 increment letters for my employees, then stapling them and handing them over is a Herculean task. Sharma’s feat must be included in Guinness Book of World Records,” said Rekha Mathur who works as HR for an MNC.

A Delhi-based printer said that Sharma’s printing job has made waves in the industry. “Chetan Bhagat wanted me to print his latest book. However, I struggled for the requisite amount of toner needed for his one million copies. Now I understand where the toners were getting used.”

The PMO which is running a programme called MVM (Make Vendors Millionaires) is happy with the laurels Verma and Sharma have won. “The best way to create jobs is not by just talking. Create jobs at your office by giving more projects to your vendors, suppliers etc,” said a minister in charge of the PMO, who blasted people talking about India’s jobless growth.

The PMO also acknowledged that they failed to spot Sharma’s talent earlier. “During demonetisation, the RBI was struggling to print notes. We could have easily sent him to the RBI note printing offices to supervise. Anyway, this is election year, we have a lot of work to do here,” said an officer working at the PMO.  

Our source told us that Sharma is now in the process of printing and dispatching letters on the economically weaker sections quota scheme. “SMS, WhatsApp, newspapers, TV, and social media advertising do not work. The best way to inform people about schemes is through letters signed by the honorable PM,”an insider said.

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