8 Ways to Write Clean Code in 2018

Writing cleaning code is very much more comfortable with drawing, cooking or photography. You may have faced problems like massive syntax, unclear variable definitions, and jumbled cramped code, etc. while working as a part of the developmental team.

It looks a headache when you moved over a block of specific code where you feel like that someone had a fight on a keyboard while the text editor was open. It looks a nightmare when you have to push towards meeting deadlines and then you are being asked to have beat, concise and easy to read coding over it.

It needs to have a bit o practice in writing clean code as it helps the users in easily solving their problems. In addition to it also enables the other programmers to read out the ideas of the developing team and even the process of maintaining the code also becomes much easier.Here we are with 8 best ways to write clean codes:

1. Descriptive naming: While writing coding one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is to use descriptive names for all the necessary things such as variables, classes, and functions as they serve as an interface between the programmer and the underlying logic of the application.

Unclear and non-descriptive names of variables, classes, and services create opaqueness among the programmer and the applications.

For example; if the programmer has used the term “dxy” how one can come to know what exactly it is? You need to read the entire chunk of code to understand what it means; which is a time-consuming concept.

2. Provide purpose for each Class/Function: It looks very confusing to identify the purpose of each class or function we are using inside the coding in the programs of thousands of lines. So it is always necessary to provide one particular function for each class and function to simplify the course.

3. Remove unnecessary coding: It is one of the most important things that you need to follow while writing clean coding as it causes a lot of headache in fixing or optimizing a chunk of code.

Unnecessary coding in between the program sometimes becomes one of the reasons behind some major issues that are why it becomes necessary to remove the part of coding which is not a part of your program.

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4. Readability: It is one of another most important thing that you need to look after while working on writing clean coding. Most of the programmers get confused between the terms “Clean code” and “clever code.” It needs to have cleaver coding along with clean coding in order solve out the various problems with very high ease.

For example; if you are using clever coding it becomes more comfortable to find the bug and then debug your program. Cleaver coding needs to have special skills in order get the perfect way to implement something you want to add to your program.

Whereas while writing clean coding you need to optimize your code always so that it comes easily to read and understand for the person who is using it later.

5. Consistency in coding style: You need to have consistency in your coding style so that the user could also better understand it. For example, if you are using came1CaseNaming for variables, you are not supposed to adulterate it with underscore_naming later.

6. Select the correct architecture: Different projects need to have different paradigms and architectures. So it is always better to know which one is suitable for your needs and not to select the best one out there.

7. Get masters in Language’s Idioms: One really should need to learn all the nuances such as the difference between ugly and convoluted code and beautiful and easy to maintain code when willing to get masters in new programming languages. You are also suggested to study and learn all about the patterns and anti-patterns of related to the programming language of your choice.

8. Learn about Masters Code: It is always very necessary for one to see what clean code exactly looks like and also need to understand why it is so to meet the limits of perfect coding.


Writing clean code is always a matter of hard work and extra care. It is not so difficult to go along with. We have provided you 8 ways here in this content to write clean code; hope it will help you a lot in getting a perfect block of coding.