8 Tips to Remember Before Your Next Flight

Image Credit: Unsplash/Javier Canada

As air travel is one of the most convenient modes of transportation, aircraft safety is an essential aspect that needs your attention. To ensure safety while travelling, passengers need to adhere to many travel restrictions. To experience a pleasant trip, you need to know the constraints as well. In accordance with this, below are some commons suggestions that help you fly safe!

Travel Insurance: Yes You Need It!

It may be the last thing that comes to your mind while planning a trip or booking your flight tickets. But, to make your travel safe and hassle-free, travel insurance is pretty much important, as you cannot let anything dampen your excitement level. Travel insurance double-secures your trip by extending financial assistance during an eventuality that may occur during your travel. As medical expenses in abroad can cost you a bomb, a travel plan helps you mitigate the expenses incurred for inpatient hospitalisation.

Unease of Flying.

You may feel a little apprehension if you are going to fly for the first time. However, don’t forget that flying has become quite safe over a period. You can follow the below tips to make yourself relax:

Recline your seats, until the cabin crew advices otherwise.

    • Try to distract your mind. Close your eyes and imagine some pleasant movements, concentrate on relaxing every part of your body and feel the stress draining away.
    • Take a deep breath. Breathe in with a three count and breathe out counting to three again. Do it 5 to 10 minutes continuously.
  • Consult a doctor before taking a flight if you’re on a no-fly list due to medical reasons and don’t forget to keep the prescribed medicines.

Don’t Ignore the Flight Attendants.

The reason why flight attendants are on an aircraft is the safety. So, if they ask you to do something, do need to do it first. Like sometimes, due to the bad weather, they may ask you fasten the seat belt. By doing this, you remain safe during flight commotion. To add more, wear comfortable clothes, take a break or walk around on longer flights to avoid issues like deep vein thrombosis.

Don’t Drink Too Much.

Though enjoying a drink is a part of travel experience for many, prefer not to partake while flying or to drink very little. The reason is, alcohol makes you bloated, dehydrated or sometimes incapacitated too. Your brain stops working or goes into the relax mode after drinking too much. So, it can be dangerous during an emergency when you need to take prompt decisions. If you still want to drink, make sure you don’t overboard.

Keep Your Intelligence Awake.

In an unlikely event, when an emergency evacuation is required, attentively listen to the instructions made by the flight attendants and exit the aircraft quickly.

Bonus tip: By wearing hearing protection, you can get rid of ear popping and pressure, and can make the next board comfortable and quiet.

Mind Your Electronic Gadgets.

There are times when you travel with electronic devices or gadgets. Even your business trip is incomplete without a laptop or you can’t part with. But sometimes, it is. You may lose your device while travelling. The best way is to carry a backup of important files before you board the flight. Also, make sure the electronic devices that you’re using are in good condition. The last thing you would want happen was your laptop or phone caused fire on-board.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings.

In case of an unlikely escape, remember the flight attendants’ instruction saying “note that the nearest exit may be behind you.” Know about the nearest exits at the time of taking the seats. Or, you can count the seats between you and the exit gate. It will be helpful if you have to crawl in the smoke or dark to guess your distance to the exit gate.

Protect Yourself First, Then Help Others.

Don’t panic during an emergency. It’s time to act promptly. Ensure that you use your run pack on you, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then offer a helping hand to the others in your neighbourhood.

To Summarise!

The only thing that matters a lot is your life and you can’t afford to lose it. This is the sole aim of this article, which requires no more explanation.