8 Different Types Of Compensation A Car Accident Victim Can Get

Most people know that a car accident victim has the right to be compensated for the injuries they have suffered. However, very few people have any idea as to the various kinds of compensation once can sue for when they have been in an accident. Below, we list eight different types of compensation that is available for any victim of car accidents.

  1. Hospital Bills

Anyone who goes through a car accident is likely to have a pile of hospital bills depending on the severity of the injuries. This can put undue stress on your financial situation. The law, therefore, provides for legal recourse to receive compensation for all such medical expenses. No matter how expensive your stay at the hospital is, the other party will have to pay for your medical expenses. Just ensure that you store all your bills so that you can present them as proof.   

  1. Pain

Sometimes, the injury suffered by a person can be incredibly painful. They might have trouble with sleeping, walking, and even in the bathroom. The physical pain can be a nightmare that won’t even allow them to enjoy the simple things in life. You can get compensated for all the pain and suffering you undergo because of the injury. However, if the pain is the result of medical malpractice, then there will be a cap on how much compensation you can get.

  1. Loss Of Income

An accident will put you out of work for days or even weeks. As such, you will neither be able to work, nor will receive any salary. And with rising medical costs, this can be put you in a financially tight situation. But you can seek compensation for loss of income in the court of law. In addition, if the injuries are serious and you won’t be able to work in the current field anymore, then you will also receive a bigger compensation for loss of future income. Get in touch with a good lawyer for car accidents in Orange County, and they can help you determine how much compensation you need to demand for income loss.

  1. Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life

Some accidents can be so horrible that you will lose any sense of enjoyment of life. You may not be able to enjoy the taste of your favorite foods, will not be able to participate in any games with your friends, will not be able to play with your kids. And for such loss of enjoyment of life, the court can order the other party to pay you a fair compensation.

  1. Loss Of Consortium

If any of your loved ones, say your husband, has suffered a major accident and has been bed-ridden for weeks, it is very likely that you will never have any memorable and loving time together. And if both of you have been very loving towards each other, then this loss of emotional connection can be pretty harsh on you. The law also empowers you to be compensated for this loss of consortium.

  1. Punitive Damages

In some situations, you can claim punitive damages from the accused. This is usually awarded by the court of the accused has been extremely unruly in their actions that lead to the accident. For example, if after a car accident, the accused was so frustrated that they rammed on to your vehicle for the second time while you were still bleeding inside the car, then that behavior will be seen as unruly by the court. And to send out a message to society that such acts are completely unacceptable, the court will demand the accused to pay you punitive damages.

  1. Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Medical bills are not the only expense you will have to bear when in an accident. There will be things like travel expenses, renting a new vehicle, buying a new phone, etc. which can complicate the financial situation further. You can make a full list of such expenses, together with their bills, and present it to the court. If they are convinced, you can also be compensated in full for such out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. Emotional Suffering

An accident can not only cause physical pain but can also put you in extreme emotional distress. Some people will go through depression, anxiety, nightmares, and so on after an accident. This can make life very difficult. The court will direct a mental health care professional to check you and provide a report, based on which the accused will be made to pay a compensation for the emotional suffering you have undergone as a result of the accident.

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