6 Features of an Explainer Video and How They Will Benefit Your Brand

Explainer videos are short videos used by companies and businesses in explaining their services or products to their customers. An explainer video gives you a golden opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a quick, friendly, informative, and fun way. Many customers would prefer watching an explainer video rather than reading a description, which might be boring at times.  Explainer videos are also more convincing and attractive when it comes to marketing your brand compared to images and text messages.

In the world today, many brands are conducting and nourishing their business through the internet. You can use videos to boost your business operations. Videos are one of the most consumed contents on the internet. Hence, having a good explainer video will surely benefit your company in so many ways.  Here are three ways your business can benefit from having an explainer video.

Increase Customer Conversions

Having an explainer video on your landing page will significantly increase your conversation rate. The aim of having the video is to inform your audiences and influence them to take action indicated on the CTA. Explainer videos are just suitable for this job. Not only do they grab the audience’s attention, but they would also influence them in making a purchase or whichever action you have on your CTA. An explainer video can quickly provide information to potential customers when they land on your page.

Improve ranks in Google

Google prioritizes results that contain video content when a search is done. Having an explainer video would increase the chances of your site appearing on the top of the search list. Appearing on top will significantly increase the number of people visiting your page and getting influenced by the explainer video. The videos can be helpful when you want to increase your page rank in Google.

Markets your Brand

Your video can quickly go viral on all social media platforms in seconds. It would be beneficial since trending can get you more conversions, make more sales, and broadly advertise your brand.

Properties of Explainer Videos

Wonder why you need explainer videos for your brand? Here are the reasons why these videos are beneficial to your company.

They are concise.

You can use an explainer video to give your customers clear important information about your company in a short time. The videos only last for few minutes. Hence, your potential customers won’t find any reason for an early bail.

They are informative

Your customers at times may have doubts about purchasing an item or even signing up to your website. Having an explainer video will boost the customer’s confidence since you will have marketed your brand while keeping the customer’s needs in mind.


You can, anyhow, customize your video depending on your target audience. In making an explainer video, your creativity is not limited. You can also add jokes in your script, or play around with animation characters, anything that you can use to entertain your audience as you tell your story. 

Useful anywhere

Explainer videos are not limited to one platform. Once you have your video ready, you can share it on your website, YouTube, and other social media platforms.  Hence explainer videos can reach your customers regardless of the forum or device they use.

Shows your brand’s personality

You may want to show the uniqueness of your brand from your competitors. Explainer videos can help you share your company’s personality with your customers. You can add it to your script or use visual styles that would reflect on your character. Showing your personality builds the customer’s confidence in your brand. Moreover, it helps you connect with your audience.

Allows you to show off

You can use explainer videos as an opportunity to show off your brand. Here, you can talk about your company’s benefits, explain to your customers how they will benefit, and why you are the better option. You can decide to do quick demonstrations to make your video more compelling.

 It is clear that an explainer video can tremendously increase your business. However, depending on your brand and target audience, you need to select a suitable type of explainer video that you would use to tell your story more efficiently.

The three main types of explainer videos include:

Animated Explainer videos

These explainer videos involve the use of simple graphics and animated characters in telling your story. They are more creative and entertaining, making them easier to understand. You can use an animated video to explain complex details or procedures in a customer-friendly and straightforward way. Working with an animation video producing company will help you get the best and professional animation video.

Live-Action video

This type of video involves the recording of a natural person when telling the company’s story. Most of the faces in Live-Action videos are the company’s owners. Hence, they are reliable when you want to connect with your customers, which will help build their trust in your brand. Moreover, they are reliable, especially for a starting business, since it is possible and making one of these for you. Video producers such as Spiel recommend a quality camera, microphone, adequate light, and a good background for you to make a quality and professional video. It would be best if you also chose good video editing software to customize your video.

Screencast Explainer Video

Screencast video involves making a screen recording when explaining something to your customers. They seem to be more affordable since you need to have a device with an inbuilt screen recorder or software that you can use to record your screen, a microphone to record quality audio, and maybe editing software for editing your video.

Final thoughts

By checking out the benefits, you can tell that explainer videos are one of the best ways for marketing and boosting your business. However, you will have to consider the type of video you need to use for your brand to be successful.