5 Tips to Become a Successful Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers have become the next best thing to being a celebrity. Influencers generate money, amass millions of followers, and have a strong social media presence by tapping their creative minds. Through their content, the influencers are not only impacting brands and their sales but also a direct platform between the customer and products. 

Few categories are food bloggers, travel bloggers, lifestyle and fashion, beauty and cosmetics, etc. so, how to start your journey as one. Of course, you can always buy Instagram followers for the best results. Check out this list of some of the best travel influencers on instagram. However, even after that, here are some steps you must take to succeed as an influencer.

1. Find your interests(s)

Deciding on what you are passionate about is very crucial as it will not only ensure what creative and unique idea you’ll present before your audience but will make an easier and enjoyable journey for you too. If you are not able to chalk out anyone, then it’s always advisable to pick one in which you are an expert and have immense research or knowledge- keeping your viewers in mind. Copying other ideas and content is a big no as it will lead to negative reviews. Take inspiration and offer something different and fresh.

2. Quality over quantity

It is all about aesthetics on Instagram. Create a color or mood pallet and abide by that, you may have a different pallet for different weeks, months, or seasons. Curate your pictures well before posting, invest in a good camera whether a phone or DSLR or simply borrow or rent out to click your content. Pictures must be of good composition, focus, and lighting. Use other apps that help you edit pictures keeping them as natural as they can be. Your content must be relevant and appealing to your audience’s eyes.

Have credible information and research if creating content regarding the usage of products. Do use them before giving out a review.

3. Mapping social presence

 Always be unique in your ideas but to be discovered and keep track of what’s trending, this will help to make your presence feel otherwise you might go unnoticed. Use hashtags, express your opinion through posts or videos but be respectful. Dedicate time once a day or week to engage with your followers by replying to or liking their comments, reposting their photos, fan collages, and giving them a shout-out. Do a question-answer round in your Instagram story.

It is about being true to who you are and putting that honestly in front of your target audience. The audience today is very observant and does not hold back in criticizing therefore never be fake and earn the trust of the viewers by being a genuine content creator. 

If you think you have enough financial backup then indulge in contests and giveaways. This will make you more popular. Tag the company or brands when putting their products on your feed.

4. Instagram profile

An Instagram business account, unlike a personal Instagram account, allows you access to a variety of features that can help you expand your following. Because a successful influencer is defined by the number of people who follow them, it’s safe to assume that without a business account, you’ll be limited in terms of how much you can expand and how many people’s feeds you can reach. It also gives information about engagement (likes, shares, and comments), website traffic, brand sentiment, and sales (revenue generation and conversions).

One of the most important aspects of learning how to become an Instagram influencer is to have a unique personal brand voice and personality. In a crowd of established and aspiring influencers, your brand’s style becomes a significant factor.

5. Collaboration

This may not be easy when you have just started your journey of being a content creator but you may reach out to other influencers for collaborations, insist on showing them your work(initial phase) and if they like what you are creating then they may agree to collaborate with you. This will expand your viewership and build a trust-based relationship


You can be confident that your communication will reach the correct individuals if you have a clear self-image of who you are and what you represent as an influencer. It’s crucial to note that it’s a strategy to ensure that your efforts are focused on generating the most recognition, cohesion, and consistency for your brand. When all of these factors are taken into account, the result is a successful influencer growth story.

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