5 Reasons To Read Mattress Reviews – Amerisleep Tips

A great review can sell a product to you. A bad review can put you off for life. A balance of reviews can give you the information you need to make an informed choice about the mattress you are about to buy. Reading the reviews before jumping into a purchase is extremely important for many reasons.

Here are our top 5.

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Reviews are not selling to you

How many times have you asked a friend or family member for a recommendation of a product? Everyone is quick to give their opinion on the brand which is best, but they are not thinking about you. They are thinking about themselves. If they love a company or product, they are going to recommend that to you whether they believe that it will be right for you or not.

How about a salesperson? There are many salespeople who genuinely care about making sure that you are getting the right product, but they are still in it for the commission.

Reading reviews ensure that you are getting third-party, unbiased information. See Amerisleep bed overview, for example.

Large sample size

Unless the product is new on the market or it is a niche market, you will have a large sample or reviews to draw from. If you are asking friends and family, or the people in the showroom, you are going to get opinions, but not a lot of them. Reading online reviews can give you a great consensus of what is good and bad in the mattress you are looking at.

Trusted users

If someone has written a review of a product, you can be almost certain that they have tried the product. Friends and family may be able to give you an opinion on a company, but when it comes to a specific mattress, you need to get the opinions of people who have actually slept on the mattresses.

By reading online reviews, you will also get concrete information about the mattress. If someone has been driven to write a review, they will generally include information which will help you to make an informed choice.

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Have you ever asked a friend for a review of a product, only for them to give the worst review you have ever heard? Or, perhaps the opposite? A small sample size can greatly skew the results. If you look at any set of online reviews, there is always an outlier or two. There will always be that one person who hates the product, and the one who thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The key is to look to the reviews in the middle. That friend of yours could be one of the outliers, and that single review can force you into buying a product which you do not like or missing out on a product which you will love.


Online reviews will also contain specific information about the product. Inside of that information, you may find one piece of information which will dictate whether you buy the product or not. You may find a specific situation in a review which is not common to everyone but is to you. A mattress may have the best reviews you have ever seen, but, perhaps, one person has a rare skin condition, and their skin reacted to the mattress. You have a rare skin condition. Now you can safely pass on it, even though it is a great mattress.

Getting it right

It is not hard to see why you should be reading as many reviews as possible before buying a mattress. If you have all the information you need to make an informed choice, you will get the product you want.