5 Myths About Casinos in India

Gambling and myths are like two peas in a pod because of how much people love gambling, and also how much people dread it too. Gambling is fun, thrilling, and very entertaining, however, it has got a lot of people in trouble. This has then caused different kinds of myths about the whole idea of gambling to spring up. Even though a lot can be said about instances games in the casinos have increased the bankroll of individuals, the addictive tendencies have built a lot of wrongful myths around these games. 

Let’s look at five casino myths that are currently circulating in India;

  • The Casinos Always Win

There is no set rule that states or guarantees that gamblers are designed to lose bets and money as a result; two years ago, a research tracked online gambling enthusiasts and it found out that players won on about 30% of the days they placed bets. The best advice to give gamblers is that once you realize that luck isn’t on your side, walk away. The secret to gambling that players should note is that the more you bet, the higher your chances of losing. Among the highest 10% of players with the biggest bets, 95% of those players most times lost their money.

  • Online Casinos are all the Same

Some players have the mindset that once they have seen and played at an online casino, they have seen all there is to casinos. Online casinos are of various kinds and so you should not judge them all based on one. Therefore, when you are choosing a casino, you need to pay attention to the reviews for players in India as recommendations given for players of other countries may not be the best for you. When gambling, or shopping online, you really need to consider the safety of your personal information and sensitive financial details. Online casinos are meant to provide information about how safe and secure their site is but since you probably don’t know anything about this industry it may be difficult to really understand what you’re reading. Also, try your best to choose a casino that offers a wide variety of both free and paid games. Especially when you are new to casino games you may risk losing a lot of money if you play games you’re not familiar with. Therefore try to find a casino with a wide selection of Indian games. No two casinos are the same and as such every casino is unique, ensure to find the one that works best for you.

  • Observing Cold and Hot Numbers Helps You Win

One thing quite a few gamblers do not know is that there is no explanation or solution to the theory of hot and cold numbers. Some players have the notion that a number that shows up recently is more likely to show up again. While some gamblers believe that a number that doesn’t show up often might be the lucky hit. However, the standard thing with numbers is that all numbers have a likelihood of showing up. Some games like blackjack and poker might provide exceptions but that only occurs when it’s a live game.

  • Every Player Gets Addicted

This is another myth that’s quite popular in India as people are made to believe that, once you gamble the first time, second and third time, you can never stop gambling. Well, I hate to break it to you that this is a myth. Gambling addiction is not something that should be taken with levity as it’s quite serious for some people. That is the reason government and gambling regulators try to put strict sanctions in place so safe gambling can be practiced. There is no doubt that some players have become seriously addicted to gambling but that does not mean that everyone is or will be.

  • Online Gambling is Illegal

The world has gone beyond land-based casinos and online gambling is ruling the day. This has, however, led to the myth that gambling on the internet is illegal. Yes, it is illegal in some parts of India, it is legal in other parts because online gambling is regulated by various states. Even in a country like the US, some states have not fully legalized online gambling. Bear in mind that online gambling being legal or not doesn’t necessarily concern the gambler but the casino operator. Many of the foregin casinos in India are licensed in Malta, one of the world’s strictest regulators of online gambling. You can check for the legality of online gambling in your state if you are very much interested in the legal premises of gambling in your province and state.

Distinguish Between Myths & Facts

We hope with the information provided in this review, you’ll learn to distinguish between myths and facts about gambling, as shown in the review. Gambling in online casinos in India is being revolutionized as we may know it, and it is ideal to grab the bull by the horns and take full advantage of this rare opportunity. 

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