4 Ways To Use Technology For Job Hunting

Unsplash/Saulo Mohana

Planning to put down your papers? Don’t see a career growth in your current organization? Sometimes you need to move on to seek something better for your life. If you are not happy with your job and are looking for another one, you don’t have to worry. The advent of technology and digital marketing has simplified the process of job search. Gone are the days where people used to be dependent on local recruitment boards and newspapers to find a job. Today, with a click of a button you can easily know which company is hiring and the entire job description they are considering. Here are 4 ways to step up your job search with the help of technology.

Social networking websites

Social media is a powerful tool for everything from expressing your opinion on a subject to finding your dream job. All major companies, including most of the Fortune 500 companies, have an excellent social media presence. Just like LinkedIn, Facebook has also rolled out a new jobs section where people can search for jobs and recruiters can hire potential candidates. Make the most out of these features by sending job applications to the types of companies you prefer working with. If you are into a creative field, boost your chances by creating a YouTube profile or a blog to showcase your skills the best way. Sometimes visuals are more effective than long resumes.

Online job portals

Seeking jobs via online job portals are quick and convenient. You will easily find many portals on which you can find potential jobs and companies listed. Shortlist the ones you want, apply and voila! you could get a call. If you find this process a hassle, you can connect with multiple recruitment agencies by using CV distribution services like Job Nexus. These portals provide the perfect platform for job seekers to reach out to agencies by posting their CVs on the site and getting matched with headhunters. The recruiters on such sites are high-profile ones, which means, you are sending out your CV to the experts themselves!

Job apps

Today people use their smartphones not just for booking a cab or to listen to music. They also download job apps when they are looking for a change in employment. You can also web-research the best job apps available and use them to improve your job search.

Potential company websites

Sometimes, you just don’t want to get into random companies, but one that suits your requirements the best. The company in question might not be on online job portals and could be relying on their careers page for prospective candidates. If you have a shortlisted set of companies that you would love to work for, you can visit their official websites and check their careers page regularly. Top companies give an option to create a detailed job profile. The recruiters will go through each profile posted and will contact you if you fit the bill.