3 Ways to Restore iPhone Contacts

The case of lost contacts on iPhone is a common thing experienced by almost all iPhone users. The worst part is that, when a user loses his contacts, he feels completely abandoned, and without any method of restoration, the only option he has left is to wait for the others to call him so he can save the information again.

To help you get out of these annoying situations, here we explain in detail 3 different ways to restore your contacts to your iPhone or in other words, phone data recovery software.

Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup
Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup
Restore iPhone Contacts without Backup

The three ways above are the three main ways to recover lost data from an iPhone device. Each of them has their own advantages. Here is the explanation.

Restore Contacts from iTunes Backup

iTunes has a primary function as a backup contact provider and retrieving contacts from iTunes backup is a great solution. However you have two related ways; restore all backup and restore reserves selectively. In some cases, restoring the reserves selectively is recommended. The first step is to run: Run iTunes, go to <iTunes <Preferences … <Devices.

The second step is scanning the backup file using a special application. In this case we use drfone. You will see a window like below. Click ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’ followed by ‘Start Scan’. The scanning process lasts only for a few seconds, depending on the number of contacts stored. You just check the box in front of every item you want. The next step is to click ‘Recover’. Each contact can be stored in these formats; .html, .xlsx and .csv.

Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup

iCloud is able to provide backup contact data for you. There are two ways you can be done; recover all contact data from iCloud Backup or selectively restore the contacts you really need.

If you do the first way, you need to delete all your iPhonemu data. This is not recommended if you have any doubts. To delete all your datas you need to run this: “Settings” <“General” <“Reset” <“Erase All Content and Settings”. Next you need to run this: “Set up your device” <“iCloud Sign In” <“Choose backup”.

The second way is more recommended and again we use drfone to ios data recovery. You need to log into your iCloud. You will be able to see a list of iCloud backup files and you need to click ‘Contacts’. After scanning is complete you can see the list of contacts inside your iCloud. The next step is to tick each box in front of the item you want to recover. Just like restoring from iTunes, data can be restored in .xlsx, .csv and .html formats.

Instantly restore contacts from the device (without backup)

Connect your iPhone device to your computer and run the drfone program. You will see the main window as below:

Once you see the image above you need to click ‘Start Scan’. After scanning is complete you can preview. Select ‘Contacts’ to display the contact data stored in your device. Mark the contacts and click ‘Recover’.

The above three methods are highly recommended to recover lost contacts from your iPhone. Each way has its own advantages but you need to realize that deleting your entire data to restore some contacts is strongly discouraged. For that you need to use a special application like drfone. There are many similar applications that offer almost similar features. But based on our experience, drfone is one of the best. Hopefully this article will give you an insight into how to recover lost data from your iPhone device. Good luck!