10 Tricks that Help You Get YouTube Views the Easy Way

The most common question among any aspiring content creator is how to get views on YouTube. Unfortunately, there is not a right or wrong answer to this question as it is a very complex issue, affected by different factors. However, there are some tricks that you can use to make your endeavors successful and get YouTube views for your content. 

First of all, gaining YouTube subscribers will contribute to the increasing in your overall watch time and the views that each video is getting. Finding users that are truly interested in your content is the best way to get YouTube views but the process can get very intimidating.

For this reason, we have gathered the top tricks with which you can learn how to get views on YouTube and make your content stand out. 

#1 Participate in Popular Challenges

One of the best ways to get YouTube views is to spot and participate in the viral challenges that are trending on the platform. There are some timeless challenges, such as the famous “Try not to laugh challenge”, and others that are trending only at certain times like the “back to school challenge”. Of course, you will find different challenges depending on your niche. In any case, adopting viral trends will only bring traffic to your channel, which is the ultimate goal.

#2 Make Your Viewers Feel Like a Part of a Community

If you want to learn how to get views on YouTube and make users return to your content, then you need to make them feel special. Growing a community plays a big role in the overall success of your channel as it ensures the loyalty of your viewers. To boost this feeling of community, you need to acknowledge your viewers by liking and replying to their comments. Moreover, you can do a subscriber shoutout at the beginning of your videos. Another way to make your viewers feel a part of a community is to give a name to your subscribers, thus creating your own fandom.

#3 Promote Your Content on YouTube

If you are researching how to get views on YouTube, you shouldn’t neglect to find ways to promote your videos in any way you can. You might think that proper promotion happens in other social media and forums. However, you also have the opportunity to cross-promote your content on YouTube. For example, by using end screens and cards, you can direct users to the rest of your content. Moreover, you can add links to your other videos on the descriptions you write. 

#4 Create Video Compilations

Apart from challenges and viral trends, another type of video that consistently gets a lot of views is the video compilation. For this type of content, you need to browse various videos on social media to find the best of their kind. For example, you can create compilations with the best fails, the funniest moments, the cutest pets, or the best Tik Tok dances. Moreover, you can create compilations of various hashtag challenges. Usually, video compilations are a low-effort type of content that you can easily create to bring more users to your channel.

#5 Become an Active Member of the YouTube Community

When you establish a YouTube channel, you become a part of a wide creator community. For this reason, you need to start interacting with the content of other creators to make yourself known on the platform. This is also the only strategy that will effectively secure collaborations with other content creators on YouTube, a strategy that is proven to bring great results when it comes to views and subscribers. To interact with the creators you like, watch their videos and leave your comments that keep the conversation going. 

#6 Optimize the SEO of Your Videos

If you want to find out how to get views on YouTube, you must familiarize yourself with the best SEO techniques. First of all, learn how to do keyword research so that you know which are the best ones for your content. Then, you can integrate your main keywords into your script, title, description, and tags. Moreover, your description and tags should include multiple other secondary keywords. All these, aim to make your videos rank high when a user is searching the specific keyword.  

#7 Enable Autoplay on Your Embedded Videos

Sometimes your videos are going to get embedded on various blogs, websites, and forums. If you want to get more views on YouTube, then you have to enable autoplay on these embedded videos. This means that the video will automatically start playing whenever a user enters the specific blog post or webpage, thus increasing your view count in no time.

#8 Create New Installments of your Most Successful Content

If you are trying different types of videos, you might notice that some of them are doing better than others. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to capitalize on your most successful videos and create new installments. For example, if you have posted a try-on haul of weird pieces of clothing, you can create another video showing a try-on haul with even more weird pieces of clothing. Users who enjoyed the first video are going to watch the second one as well. If they both of them, they might even choose to subscribe to your channel. 

#9 Create a Recognizable Brand

Once a channel starts getting traffic, users tend to recognize it without having to check the logo or name of the channel. The things that make it recognizable are the thumbnails and the color palette. For this reason, it is important to have a consistent aesthetic so that users can instantly recognize you. 

#10 Find Compelling Titles for Your Videos

A great video title is not just for SEO purposes like we have already mentioned above. In addition to this, a great title will compel users to click on the video to find out what happened. Don’t hesitate to get emotional or funny on your titles as both these strategies are very effective. 

With these 10 tricks, you can start growing your channel today. Become the successful YouTuber you deserve to be.