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What Went Wrong?

By Geetika Khurana

He has won again, with a bang this time. AAP has bounced back and won the class battle by securing 67 out of 70 constituencies of Delhi. With just 3 votes for BJP and none for Congress, this election has turned out to be historic and a landmark verdict in the history of Delhi.

The RSS ideologue M.G. Vaidya, however said, the victory should not be seen as AAP’s victory but a win of Anti-BJPism. All anti BJP parties and groups joined hands in support of AAP and this was the reason of the unexpected results. But the BJP supporters themselves are turning the table against their own party. The leadership refused to listen to us which caused the loss, the workers say.

The leaders could not hold the party together. 13 candidates who had joined the BJP a few days before the election were given tickets while the ones who had been serving the party for past 30 years, were ignored. And these actions reverted in anger. The induction of Bedi as a Chief Ministerial candidate turned catastrophic. All the prospective people who had worked really hard for the party lost all their hopes and the party soon after started withering from within. In spite of her huge popularity, Bedi failed to win hearts because of negative campaign that BJP used. The party did everything that it was supposed to avoid.

Extensive emphasis was laid on reducing Kejriwal’s popularity, at a time when it should have increased its own. It contested elections in name of Modi, but things were still ruined. Why?

After 8 months of Modi’s government, promises were not kept. “I do not care whether any committee has been formed, any new programs are formulated, I want actions, I want results. Only they matter to me”, says Kanika, a college student. For instance, the party had put up that electricity rates will be reduced, but nothing happened. Reducing the rates of petrol and diesel just a few days before the elections was self-explanatory the party was distributing candies to win people. But the common man is no longer a fool; he has developed as an experienced body who understands when illusions are deceiving.

Moreover many have also put up that BJP was over-confident of its win and this is why it started its campaign so late. AAP had started the same in December, and Kejriwal had arranged 110 meetings during that time. Within that time Kejriwal succeeded in winning the faith of Delhi and BJP ruined all the things for itself, evaporating the seats from 32 to 3. Personal touch was also lacking in BJP’s campaign. By merely saying on the stage that situations will improve, don’t solve the problem. Things have changed now, for the common man wants such politicians who know how it feels to be a common man, what it takes to survive and endeavor in hard times. Kejriwal visited multiple Jhuggis and slums, stayed there and talked to the people about their miseries and dreadful situations, which was why people understood him better and he understood people better. This was where the bonding developed and things turned out to be in his favor.

 “Perceptions change rapidly in politics and symbolism matter a lot. The chaiwallah’s party is now being seen as siding with the rich while the educated man is seen as the messiah of the poor”,

said a close aid of Kejriwal. And now lays the road ahead. Kejriwal has a long list of issues to tackle and walk the talk to go beyond the possible. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen.

Geetika Khurana is currently a student of commerce at Shri Ram College Of Commerce, She loves reading novels, mainly thrillers. She has a keen interest in economics, is fond of debating and loves travelling. Passionate about writing, she believes it helps her to define and express herself.  

Edited by Anandita Malhotra, Senior Editor, The Indian Economist

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