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Uttar Pradesh Government enters into Promising Collaboration with Tata Trusts

On the 21st of December, 2015, Tata Trusts signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Uttar Pradesh Government, for joint investments and efforts in the health and education sectors, among others. It was signed by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav and Tata Trusts’ Chairman Ratan Tata.

tata3In the health sector, the primary focus of the collaboration between Tata Trusts and the UP Government is anemia reduction, investment in primary and tertiary health care, reducing key micro-nutrient deficiencies, and combating key problem areas in maternal and child health. “The biggest thing is that poor people are not aware of nutrition. At times, minor things can solve big issues like nutrition. I feel things will improve with mutual cooperation”, stated the Chief Minister (1). In the primary sector, in the fields of agriculture and horticulture, Tata Trusts will invest in the installation of high-tech nurseries, and promotion of organic farming and agro-forestry (2). Besides furthering and advancing technological innovations, Tata Trusts will also attempt to stimulate the use of micro-irrigation and plasticulture (3).

Ratan Tata has consistently spoken about how impressed he is with the development initiatives of the Uttar Pradesh Government, and the investment opportunities in the state (3). “If there’s anything we can do together to help you build this state, I will dedicate whatever time, effort or energies, personally, that it will take of me. I admire the fact you are doing great things. And I think you should consider that I am a friend of you, and your state”, he stated (4). Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav also showed his gratitude towards Ratan Tata by stating, “We, in the government of UP, ask for nothing but your presence in UP. That, itself, should galvanise us, and bring about winds of change in UP… You (Tata) keep coming and give your blessings and show the path. This will bring about change in the state and the country (1) (4).

tata 4Tata Trusts has pledged to act as a “support system” for the Uttar Pradesh Government, and to assist them in current and future initiatives and programs. “I can only say that due to dynamism of CM and his executives, it is a great privilege for us to be here looking at UP, which is a new UP….This is a state which is going to lead the way for its people as well as for the country. Personally, I am losing my heart to this state”, says Ratan Tata (1).

This collaboration has the potential to turn Uttar Pradesh into the country’s investment hub, and with industry stalwarts like Ratan Tata vouching for the ample investment opportunities in Uttar Pradesh, the state is well on its way to become India’s fastest growing too.

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