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Modi: Pradhan Sewak

By Samruddhi Mahapatra

Edited by Nandita Singh, Senior Editor, the Indian Economist

There are many things about Modi, which inspire the people, especially the youth. His vision and dedication has been praised throughout the world. He has always held the audience captive with his oratory skills, and in his debut at the Red Fort, he delivered a speech that will certainly go down in history as one of the many famous speeches.

His refusal to stand in a bullet-proof podium reinforces his confidence and fearlessness, a constant throughout his political journey. His impromptu and unscripted speech did not fail to win the heart of the people.

He addressed several issues that have been the core problems of the nation. The issue of sanitation being the most prominent. It is the 21st century and nearly half of India’s population still defecates in the open. Women have suffered the most due to this. ‘Swachh Bharat’ will be launched this year on the 2nd October, a programme seen as India’s first step to improving sanitation facilities by ensuring toilets in schools, with separate toilets for girls.

Modi has also launched several programmes to digitalise India, taking steps to make 53 cities in the country Wi-Fi free zones. He has also given each of the Members of Parliament a responsibility to develop at least one village.

He has made it clear to the world that India is more than the land of elephants and snake charmers, and she will prove it. His mantra ‘Come, Make in India’ certainly points towards increasing opportunities for the people. The investment that will pour into India in the form of FDIs will surely help the Indian Forex reserves.

The Red Fort has seen many Independence Day celebrations and speeches by the Prime Ministers, but the 68th Independence Day speech by the ‘Pradhan Sewak’ was unique in its own way. The chanting of Modi’s name as soon as he entered the Red Fort was proof of that. Modi has raised the expectations of the people. Let’s hope he can live up to all these hopes.

Samruddhi is a student, pursuing English Hons. in Kirori Mal College. She is an avid reader and loves learning new things. An aspiring writer, she believes that everything around us has a story to tell. With big dreams, she strives forward to achieve them. She wants her writings to be read by everyone and appreciates constructive criticism.

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