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The Indian Economist rebrands to Qrius

The Indian Economist rebrands to Qrius

Dear Readers of The Indian Economist,

The Indian Economist is rebranding to ‘Qrius’ (pronounced ‘curious’) effective 25th July.

Qrius will continue publishing the authoritative commentary & analysis that you have loved reading at The Indian Economist. The name may have changed, but our obsessive focus on quality and adding value to readers has steadfastly remained the same.

Why are we rebranding?
Diversifying Categories: We have been gradually expanding our coverage to include categories beyond economics and policy. We wanted a new name that was not strictly tied to a category.
Global Focus: We have been extensively covering global issues for the past couple of years. We want to welcome curious readers from across the globe.
Friendlier, more approachable: We aim to deliver value through lucid writing and fresh insights. ‘Qrius’ is an endeavour to build a more approachable brand that retains the quality and rigour that you loved at The Indian Economist.

Why Qrius?
Pronounced ‘curious’, the name emerges from our previous tagline: “For the Curious Mind”. It reflects our vision to serve fresh insights and thought leadership to our readers.

What changes?
Web address: Starting today, the website will redirect to
Android App update: Please update your Android app to continue getting the latest articles. We will continue supporting the older app for a limited period.
Social media handles: Our existing social media handles will be renamed to Qrius
Content diversity: We will continue diversifying our content to give more coverage across Science & Tech and Culture & Society. Gradually, we expect to expand into more categories, to give you a 360 degree view of the world around you.
Time relevance: We will move quicker to cover time relevant issues more effectively, giving you quality analysis on the issues you care about in the moment.

What does not change?
Content quality: We will continue publishing high quality commentary and analysis from across the world. The same team of contributors, writers and partners will continue providing the content you have loved.
Team: The team running Qrius remains the same as The Indian Economist.

I would like to thank you for your support over the last 4. 5 years. I truly appreciate it. Here’s hoping you will join us on our new journey!

Warm Regards,
Manan Vyas
Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist)

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