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Brace yourself for the most vibrant and dynamic dance soiree

Everything in the Universe has Rhythm. Everything dances.  – Maya Angelou

The culture of India echoes what Maya says in the above lines so much so that it envisages innumerable dance forms spanning from the undeterred mountain peaks of the Himalayas to the confluence of Kanyakumari and from the untamed wilderness of the East to the incessant prosperity of the West. I am sure all of us have seen some or the other form and many of us have experienced them too.

At “AAMBROTSAVE – an annual saga of Indian art, craft, culture, cuisine and literature” ,  you get a chance to relive the zest and devour yourself in the enthusiasm of India’s dance culture.

This year at “AAMBROTSAVE -2015”  we I welcome you to indulge in the traditional dance of Gujarat performed to exalt Goddess Shakti. The two day dance gala assures you of authentic garba dandiya performance. The folk artists, singers and performers exclusively from Gujarat will recreate and transform you to their land .

So aren’t you excited to dance to their tunes ? What are you waiting for ? Put on your dancing shoes and don on your glitz and experience the riot of colours , music and buzz.

Aambrotsave 2015 : 17th and 18th Oct, 2015

Venue: CSOI Lawns, Vinay Marg Chankyapuri”

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